Welcome to our online store, where you will always 'best' bathroom products at competitive prices. We have products for every taste and every budget. At QS Supplies, we offer innovative and high quality bathroom fittings such as designer bathroom suites, spacious shower enclosures and bathroom furniture units. And that's not all. Our trendy ranges of modern cabinets and tallboy units, in both classic and modern designs, offer ample storage and solve all your bathroom storage issues. Vanity units and fitted furniture units from renowned suppliers feature the most advanced fittings, which give products from these brands an extra-long life and make them a good investment.

Gas fires are modern classics that can be found in both traditional and modern homes. Browse our entire new line of products that includes Inset, Outset, No Chimney, hole in the wall and electric fireplaces. We offer a full range in this category that features minimalist design fireplaces, which comes with unique surround. Gas fires can save energy and warm up an entire room. Most of the outset options at our online-store comes with opti-flame effect and are supplied with pebbles and real coal. We also supply Inset fireplace, which are thermostatically controlled and will enhance your home like crown jewels.

Add style, elegance, and additional storage and function to your bathroom with new bathroom shelves. Shelves for bathrooms come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. They can fit discreetly above your basin to offer you an additional place to keep some soap, a comb, and a toothbrush, or they can be elegant hotel shelves big enough to hold some folded towels for guests. Shelving can be made to fit neatly into a corner to save space, be long and thin in size, or be gently curving. Shelves can have small rails to help hold things in place or be perfectly flat.

Lights for bathrooms are an option, which you will definitely want to consider while you are planning your new room. With plenty of options available, you can narrow down your choices. Shower lights for enclosures are effective for brightening up a part of your bathroom that may not receive a lot of natural light. Mirror and shaver lights will illuminate your bathroom vanity or mirror, making it easier to shave and put on make-up. Most bathrooms have a main, central light fixture, but adding downlights or wall lights can make a room seem less sterile and more appealing.

Shower baths serve the dual purpose of showering and bathing and are a boon when space is at a premium. With these baths, you have the choice of a quick shower, or when you have the time, you are free to indulge in a leisurely soak. Unlike straight tubs, products showcased in this category come in a variety of unique shapes, such as P and L shapes along with the conventional square and rectangular models. Most of the baths displayed in this category come with a glass screen. These seem to be fast catching up because of their versatility and space-saving design.

There's nothing worse than poor water pressure when you're trying to shower or bathe. Poor water pressure can make even the most expensive showerheads feel like they're barely drizzling water. That's why a shower pump can be such a big assistance. Shower pumps are designed to help boost water pressure in homes that don't get adequate pressure on their own. And just as there are different types of plumbing systems in the home that could be resulting in poor pressure, there are also different types of pumps that can help.

Create a unique and seamless finish by opting for Countertop designs in basins. Many of us are familiar with these designer types of Bathroom Sinks as they offer fresh ambiance. Sited on to a worktop or cabinet, countertop basins complement both small or large washroom. The plumbing is generally contained within the vanity itself. Constructed in sumptuous style, these can blend brilliantly with traditional or modern bathroom themes. Our range of Victorian-style basins will be the best fit for retro-styled fixtures even for Edwardian, Art Deco, or mid-century style lavatory.

Picture yourself stepping from your warm shower and wrapping yourself in a warm, dry, fluffy towel each day. With an electric towel rail, you can achieve this any day that you'd like, no matter what the weather or temperature outside. Electric radiators provide steady, warm heat to the towels they hold. This not only warms the towel, it also dries it. This makes the towels more comfortable and helps cut down on the amount of laundry you do, since the towels dry quickly enough to prevent things like a musty odour or mildew growth.

Sturdy, long-lasting and economical, the steel baths available at our web store come to you from leading manufacturers such as Bette and Kaldewei. These baths come with all the benefits of steel such as bacteria-resistance, UV light resistance and heat-retentive qualities greater than standard tubs. These are also recyclable, giving you peace of mind. These baths look impressive in virtually any bathroom setting-big or small. Some of our models include twin grips for additional safety. Browse our pages, that are filled with products from leading brands and find the Steel bath of your liking.

Does your bath serve as a shower as well? Then bath screens because necessary to avoid unsightly splashes on the floor. We bring you an extensive flock of products with bath screens in chrome, silver, grey or white coated frames. The durable and robust frames enhance the appearance of the screen while keeping it together. From the hinged to the sliding ones, and from the options of right or the left-handed version, you can pick the most suitable product. Fold-able or swing-opening screens contribute to smartening the bath area without compromising on the functional value.

As the name suggests, column radiators consist of a series of horizontal or vertical mounted tubes side-by-side. It is common to see a designer radiator embrace this style. With these types of models, you can select the number of tubes, their orientation, and the specific dimensions. Their main benefit is that as a greater surface area is used, higher amounts of heat is generated. It is then combined with a sleek and very modernistic appeal. In fact, some column radiator even stretch from the floor to the ceiling.

Sliding Shower Enclosures integrate well with virtually any bathroom. They are particularly well suited for small size bathrooms. The door slides along the length of the enclosure, saving space while still providing the comfortable entry and exit. Sliding Shower Doors can also be used as stand-alone units or in conjunction with pre-existing or new side panels. Products in our catalogue offer a level of quality and finish that is sure to satisfy the most discriminating users while providing durability.

There is a built-in internal heating element to supply the hot water in Electric showers, and these do not need to be connected to an existing supply of hot water. Not only does this mechanism lowers the energy costs, but also allows the user greater control over the temperature. Brilliantly functional electric versions are devised to comfort you in the shower room. Available in different wattage, shapes and sizes we have a massive range, which you can compare and select. Designed with great care, all the products listed here can easily blend with any decor and is highly practical.

A mirrored cabinet serves a dual purpose. It removes the need for a stand-alone mirror, and it can be used for shaving or applying make-up. A cabinet fitted above a sink could be useful. It all comes down to individual needs and taste. Products displayed at our online store come with an option of various sizes and finishes. Few of the products displayed below can be tucked away in the corner, as they are specially made for corner installation. Few of the products from Brands such as HIB, Roper Rhodes and Tavistock has an in-built halogen downlights to illuminate the basin area.

Radiators displayed below have a combination of strength and beauty, and offers functional heat and create the perfect focal point for any interior. Superb designs and great heat output make these heating appliances extremely versatile. Modern radiators at our online store adds comfort and does not detract the decor. At QS Supplies, we understand the importance of heating, hence we have displayed a series of products that come equipped with the latest technologies and advanced systems. Products showcased at our on-line store features eye-catching designs and finishes while offering impressive heating.

Bifold doors are made up of 2 sections with one fixed and the other movable. Such door can slide as well as fold and offer both style and space saving functionality. Particularly in a bathroom that has space constraints or shower location immediately adjacent to other elements such as an entryway, toilet, or vanity, a bi-fold shower door may be the perfect answer to your design criteria. Among the items in our collection of bi-fold shower doors are examples to perfectly finish the space by creating a visual impact with clean lines and understated elegance.

Welcome to the new and Improved Section of our Bathrooms Category, where you can find all your bathroom supplies at one place. We have showcased the latest range of products in our online shop, where you'd be able to select the right product that will blend with your existing or new decor. Innovative shapes designer baths, shower baths and shower enclosures including folding bath screens that fuses easily with any decor is now available at our on-line store. You can also find interesting accessories, which are stylish, practical and offers a beautiful illusion.

Walk-in Enclosures are another fabulous feature of many of today's bathrooms and are excellent to make the most of the available space. Rather than having an enclosure for the door to swing, you can simply install a walk-in enclosure. These bring space-saving benefits and add a touch of luxury and chic appeal. These alluring, minimalistic walk-in units are made of toughened safety glass and allow you no fuss showering. At our on-line store, we have displayed a fabulous range of Walk-in Shower enclosures from reputed brands such as Aqualux, Twyford, Ideal Standard, Lakes, Merlyn and many more; we also offer free delivery on some products in this category.

A perfect bathroom accessory set not only adds the picture-perfect look, but also offers improved practicality. Often you can use necessary accessories to add the final touch to your bathroom. They come in a multitude of colours, styles and patterns you can select a finish that will suit your existing decor. Here, we have displayed a complete range of designer accessories. Products such as toilet roll holders, robe hooks, soap dishes, and mirrors can be purchased direct from our on-line store. So whether you need a contemporary look for your modern bathroom or seek a traditional creation, we have the right option on offer.

Radiators emit heat through their panelled bodies, and warm offices, homes and buildings effectively. In the past, radiators were used purely for their functional benefits. However, these are now an inherent part of interior decor of living space. Your selection of the radiator must depend on practicality, space, specific heating requirements, and the existing decor. We stock a huge variety of these products for every decor and every budget. We at QS Supplies have an impressive range of Radiators from market leading manufacturers such as MHS, Quinn, Reina, Apollo and Vogue.

To keep your bathroom clutter free, a cabinet can be an ideal storage solution. Stainless Steel Cabinets are the best way to marry form and function for your bathroom. They are sturdy, long lasting and lend a sleek look. One major advantage of Steel cabinets are, they are mould and termite free. They are easy to clean, and keep the bathroom decor modern. Below we have displayed a comprehensive range. We work closely with leading manufacturers such as RAK and Croydex, who constantly update their design of products.

The bathroom is one of the most functional areas within a home, and it should exhibit comfort & style. Our range of furniture includes storage units, medicine cupboards, tallboy cabinets, washstands and sinks with cabinets. We stock designer bathroom furniture units from Duravit, Ideal Standard, Roper Rhodes, Tavistock and other renowned brands. We have a variety of options in this including wall-mounted and free-standing furniture units. You can completely transform the decor of your bathroom, by selecting the right furniture, either in modern or traditional design.

A bath provides a snuggling and cuddling experience in the bathroom when you retreat to its soothing and comforting interior. Apart from luxury, you need to analyse few more aspects to have the right tub in your bathroom. At QS Supplies, we appreciate your need for pampering after hard day's work and therefore, stock high quality tube from the best brands. At our online web store, we offer a bouquet of baths, including whirlpool, designer, standard, roll top, acrylic, and double ended. Our series of under mount and square baths offer a perfect bathing experience and adds a style factor, especially for our discerning customers.

Creating a good bathroom space and achieving the desired setting can sometimes be daunting. As we know, good products look impressive and, great interior design enhances the quality of life. Here, we have displayed awe-inspiring range of fitted bathroom furniture that will transform and bring a remarkable change in your bathroom. These units displayed below comes ready assembled, and can lend enormous style. We invite you to spend time and have a look at the very latest designer units. Our collection includes the trending designs in UK, and we are sure, our products will definitely impress you because of its style and price.

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