Verisure has over 25 years researching and innovating to prevent burglaries. Today, with the new ZeroVision Alarm, we can not only prevent, but also stop burglaries. We know that in a burglary every second matters, and now, for the first time ever, we can take immediate action within the protected property to stop the burglar on his tracks. During an attempted burglary, our alarm security experts at the Alarm Receiving Centre will immediately react and generate a zero visibility scenario within the protected property to impair the burglar's vision.

Your monitored alarm system transmits signals to our NSI-approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). If the alarm goes off, the ARC will contact the homeowner or key holder and if necessary, send a Guard response. Verisure's Alarm Receiving Centre is NSI Gold Certified. Wireless alarm systems can be installed in places where wired alarm systems cannot be accommodated. They are perfect if you don't have a pre-installed security system because there is no need to install anything else. No more screws, cables or installation work.

Sheds are very common in the UK. Otherwise, where are you going to keep your hanging tools, retired pot plants, pool equipment, bikes, the lawnmower and other garden equipment? Such items have emotional and economic value. Since shed crime is rising, installing a shed alarm is the right way to protect your belongings. Our shed alarm is the best crime-prevention product because it is easy to install, is used within shed space and is simple to use. Shed alarms integrate doors and windows opening through magnets.

Yes, I have read and consent to theterms and conditions. I hereby agree totheprocessing of my personal data included in my job applicationforrecruitmentpurposes. We are a team of 18,000 people worldwide today - and growing quickly. More than 80% of our people support our customers directly every day, providing the most responsive and vigilant service in the security industry. We are the #1 provider of smart alarms in Europe and growing rapidly through Latin America. We have a huge presence, being part of a large brand family who support each other to bring our best to all markets.

Verisure ensures that your safety and that of your family are not a problem. Our home alarms are connected directly to our Alarm Receiving Centre, where a team of specialised professionals works every day to ensure your protection. Our security experts can handle any warning or emergency situation, on average, in 45 seconds. Our Alarm Receiving Centre is at your service 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to activate the most appropriate security protocols for any incident and to send, when necessary, an ambulance, fire service or Guard Response to your home.

Reducing the risk of burglary or theft in your home or business actually is quite simple. With just a few security tips, you can ensure that you and your loved ones remain safe and secure. Vary the routes you take home and the times when you arrive home from work. Check regularly to ensure that you're not being followed. Keep your eyes open for unfamiliar cars or people in the vicinity of your home during several consecutive days. Only people whom you absolutely trust should have access to the installed alarm system.

Ensure that your customers' and your own data are secure and protect your equipment and your staff. A Verisure office alarm enables you to have total control over the security of your business. With the My Verisure mobile app, you always have direct access to your office 24 hours a day through a permanent connection to the Alarm Receiving Centre. You will know who enters and leaves, and you will be able to alert us about any emergency. Book a free security consultation now and find out how you can protect your business with Verisure's office-security systems.

The most advanced security technology using surveillance cameras that records, with the help of motion detectors, any kind of activity around your business premises, monitoring any staff entering or exiting. And these are just some of the features of the commercial alarm system that Verisure offers. You can alert us about any emergency 24 hours a day. Powerful photodetectors that can record images in the dark if movement is detected, then send them to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The ARC will assess the situation and activate the appropriate action protocol.

Verisure is Europe's leading alarm company, with more than 3.6 million customers currently protecting their homes and businesses with our alarms. Specialists monitor your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If an alarm is triggered, we will determine if a real threat is occurring (burglary, fire etc.) and contact both you and the appropriate emergency services. When you install a Verisure alarm, the maintenance cost will be 100% included in your monthly fee. Verisure takes care of all replacements and repairs that your system may require, and it provides assistance and labour whenever you need it.

The Verisure alarm system is an integrated security system that uses the most innovative technology to guarantee protection for all types of homes and businesses. We are leaders in the security sector, with 30 years of experience and nearly 3.2 million happy customers throughout Europe who rely on us to protect their homes and businesses. Our Alarm System combines different types of devices designed to protect your home/business and keep out burglars. Our strategy has a triple objective: to prevent intrusions, detect intrusions, and provide fast and efficient solutions to any incident suffered by Verisure customers.

The Verisure Alarm is the market leader thanks to our technology, experience and methods. Our alarms for businesses adapt to the needs of each company, whether they are based at offices, warehouses or other commercial premises. First, we conduct a comprehensive study of your business and customise your security needs, then we identify weak points on the premises and address them, offering an installation process, free of works or cables, that is done in under 24 hours. Get the best protection for your business!

Garages are one of the most vulnerable points of any home and one of the favourite ways in for burglars. Verisure's garage alarm enables you to eliminate this vulnerability. Its highly sensitive photovolumetric and perimeter sensors will capture the slightest movement. Benefit from the experience and knowledge of Verisure's experts. The Verisure Alarm is designed to suit your security needs. We have a very wide range of devices manufactured with the most advanced technology, a range conceived to protect your home, whatever type it might be, however big or small, whatever its location.

Absolutely over the moon with our alarm system ryan was so helpful and went through everything until we fully understood it all. Went above and beyond. Thank you Ryan

Truly the worst customer service I have ever received from any company EVER!
Once I had enough and tried to cancel the contract I was ignored for months until I finally stopped paying the standing order.
Finally I got some attention but it was dragged out for 6 months as I was bounced from one department to another.
I was told that you needed your equipment back, but when I spoke to a friend that installs alarms for a living he told me that the initial outlay and the years of fees I should actually own the equipment outright.
By this point I had been so exhausted and fed up I let them take the equipment just to be done with it.
If I could leave 0 star or possibly a minus I would.
Shocking business practices and if I can will.
All they need to do is read the Google reviews to see for themselves
warn anyone not to get caught up with them I

Thanks to Ryan and Verisure for peace of mind while away, would definitely recommend!

The whole process from start to finish was absolutely brilliant. Our consultant Ryan was incredibly informative, knowledgeable and detailed and clearly understood our needs in order to tailor a system to our precise needs. He was able to answer all our queries and made us feel valued as clients. The work in installation was neat, tidy, clean,quiet and efficient.; all details were thoroughly attended to. As a result we are so grateful and entirely satisfied with the system he installed for us. Fantastic demonstrations of the system made the whole family confident and capable of effectively using the security system. Ryan is professional, patient and flexible. In addition, the aftersales attention and service was second to none. No request was too much and we would unhesitatingly recommend and refer Ryan to all of our family and friends. If we could give 11 out of 10 then we would.

Mr Bilal Kihalauche, security consultant, verisure, did very good installation for my home and did explained everything about the system patiently.

I have been very impressed with Verisure so far. From first contact to installation, I have been treated with courtesy and professionalism.

Guy who did installation was good but that is it. When being sold this system, I was not informed that the aftercare would be so poor. So called Customer Services do not listen and do not respond - I would stay clear of this lot.

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