An obvious use for CCTV is to prevent crime and malpractice but it is also a valuable business management tool offering staff protection, supporting Health & Safety initiatives, aiding investigations, proving innocence and avoiding lawsuits; other examples of its use are help with production control and other observational objectives in factories where, for example, conditions are unsuitable for human intervention. It can be used in conjunction with a wide range of other applications. No matter what the application, our highly trained staff can advise you on the most cost effective CCTV system for your home business.

An emergency can occur anytime, make sure your property is secure with AB Security intruder alarms. It will protect your home and business from unwanted opportunist or burglars and you can even have your intruder alarm monitored so in the event of an alert the appropriate action can be taken. We have an Burglar Alarm for every budget, so no matter what your preference may be, we can advise on the best cost-effective solution to protect your prized possessions. With a AB Security alarm, you can be sure you are getting the most up to date technology from qualified engineers.

Our Aim - To provide and maintain a high quality security installation service across greater Manchester including the installation and maintenance of a wide range of leading security and access systems, backed up by excellent customer service and technical support. Our Resources - A dedicated team of individuals offering a wealth of experience and versatility with direct access to up to date technical support from our suppliers, new and old. Our Commitment - To ensure our workforce have a secure and safe environment in which to work where they can enhance their skills and expertise with on the job training and support and to make certain that our customers benefit directly from this.

Access Control Systems for Controlled Protection of your Property. A wide range of high quality Audio & Video Access control system are available from a single one to one station to multi-block apartments/offices. In addition we also offer Full colour video intercom technology systems with a choice of keypad entry, swipe card system, or a high tech locking device to name but a few. Our knowledgeable engineers will provide a tailor-made package to suit your individual requirements. Whether you want to limit certain areas to specific personnel, restrict access to sensitive areas, monitor movement within a building or protect entry to stock and supply rooms, an access control system from AB Security can become an integral part of your overall security system.

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for advising me to have the better resolution cameras. had a minor incident yesterday which was very clearly seen.

Thank you for installing my alarm and door entry system at my salon. Excellent price and service! Highly recommended!

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