We are an established Firm in London offering Air conditioning & Refrigeration services. We have proudly 25 years combined experience behind the Air conditioning, Ventilation & Refrigeration industry with PPM contracts covering the UK's Capital. We run a service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year achieving maximum KPI response time. We are a Multi-disciplined, multi-skilled and a tight-knit team. We have many happy clients as we not only provide the best engineering services but we focus on Customer services and both are at the forefront of our business.

Commercial air conditioning units control the temperature, movement, humidity, cleanliness and ventilation of the air inside a building. Air con systems cool in the summer and warms in the winter, providing year-round climate control for a comfortable and productive working environment. Choosing the right commercial air conditioning system for your business is not always easy. The requirements of office air conditioning systems will be very different from restaurant or shop air con, or warehouse and industrial ac / cooling units.

Commercial heating systems offer highly efficient solutions that help to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of all kinds and sizes of buildings - from restaurants and offices to large hotels, apartment buildings and sports & leisure centres. As energy prices continue to rise, choosing a heat pump solution for your commercial heating can provide major savings on heating and hot water costs, by maximising the use of air-source and solar renewable energy. As well as having less impact on the environment, renewable energy provides security against fossil fuel shortages, so it's a future proof solution.

Enjoy an ideal climate within your home thanks to leading manufacturers integrated systems, which will both heat and cool your home to maintain the perfect temperature no matter what the weather is like outside. Indoor units can offer more than just heating and cooling; they can also provide humidity control and fresh air ventilation, advanced inverter and heat pump technologies offer excellent seasonal efficiencies over the year. Commercial heating systems offer highly efficient solutions that help to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of all kinds and sizes of buildings - from restaurants and offices to large hotels, apartment buildings and sports & leisure centres.

Comprehensive range of industrial refrigeration solutions is suitable for many different environments - from large cold storage facilities and food processing plants, to larger supermarkets and hypermarkets. Whether you are looking for low temperature deep-freezers, medium temperature refrigeration with fluctuating loads, Lambourne offers an energy efficient solution for every industrial refrigeration requirement. By integrating all your components for industrial refrigeration into one packaged condensing unit, the footprint of the outdoor installation can be reduced by up to 60%, while direct CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced for a smaller environmental footprint too.

With warmer summers and the threat of cold, biting winters, ensuring the comfort of your staff, equipment or office space with air conditioning is no longer an optional luxury - instead, it is a necessity. Lambourne Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is the UK's leading air conditioning provider. We know how important your air conditioning is, which is why we provide fast, efficient and cost-effective repairs. Lambourne provides a range of air conditioning repair & breakdown services and we have the knowledge and expertise to perform air conditioning repairs of all types.

Lambourne provide fresh air ventilation for all buildings such as; hospitals, schools, hotels and residential homes. It sounds obvious, but any workplace - be it industrial or commercial, factory or office - needs a constantly circulating airstream to replace and ventilate stale and noxious air. Not only is ventilation and air filtration / purification a fundamental to a healthy work environment, it also ensures that machinery is not damaged or components and products spoiled by fumes or condensation.

Lambourne Refrigeration Air Conditioning provides South England with affordable pricing but high quality service. We are an established contractor for over 25 years in the industry. As leading First class Air conditioning & Refrigeration Company we provide a scope for all your Cooling, Repairs, Installation & Service needs from small residential to major industrial scale projects. With warmer summers and ever-increasing technology within the home, leisure and workplace settings, air conditioning installation is no longer thought of as a luxury - instead, it is fast becoming an important necessity.

Energy prices are rising. The future economy is uncertain. Environmental concerns are more important than ever. Because a heat pump uses free energy from the air to extract heat, it is the ideal solution for domestic heating. A heating system powered by leading manufacturers heat pump provides the ideal warmth and comfort all year round, even when it's freezing outside. A heat pump reduces your energy bills and your CO2 emissions too, so it's better for your budget and the environment. A heat pump can provide more than efficient heating for your home.

Avoiding air conditioning breakdowns is a major priority for all our customers. Our experience also tells us that regular planned maintenance is essential to ensure efficient, trouble-free running of any air conditioning system. Cutting back on maintenance has been proven to be a false economy. A reactive approach to maintenance, such as repairing the system only when breakdowns occur, significantly increases through-life costs due to premature component failure and inefficient energy use. A planned air conditioning maintenance contract from Lambourne offers a range of benefits.

Lambourne Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is passionate about protecting the environment. We're accredited by a number of international agencies for our eco-friendly air conditioning services and equipment, which not only provide our customers with significant energy savings but also help to safeguard the environment now and for future generations. In 2009, legislation surrounding the use of F gases was established, controlling their release. These gases can only be handled by REFCOM (Register of Companies Competent to Handle Refrigerants) accredited contractors.

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