Helec are an established M&E partner that has been operating with clients throughout the UK for more than 10 years delivering a wide range of proven Low Carbon, High Efficiency CH & DHW solutions in the commercial HVAC arena. Our partnerships with proven industry leading cogenerating manufacturers deliver our clients the best performing systems for todays marketplace, including gas fuelled CHPs and mulitple Heat pump offerings. Explore the full product range below. We are an independent UK company with over 17 years experience providing Combined Heat & Power solutions.

HELEC has over 17 years' experience supplying energy systems to support commercial building projects by using the best proven sustainable, Low Carbon & Renewable technologies whenever possible. Reducing our Carbon footprint as a race is always our goal and mission here at Helec and we will endeavour to promote the most practical solution when it comes to looking to produce energy in either a thermal or electrical application. Helec - designing effective energy solutions. Providing an extensive range of heating and ventilation systems for both domestic and commercial applications, we pride ourselves in specialising in only high efficiency products that exceed today's standards.

HELEC provides Combined Heat & Power solutions to support residential buildings HVAC schemes UK wide. Helec CHP systems provide essential low cost ‘lead power' to district housing schemes and those which contain multiple residential dwellings through the design and build of single point of distributed energy centres. These energy centres provide primary space heating & domestic hot water along with onsite produced electricity in an efficient way that can reduce running costs by up to 40% and help reduce stakeholders environmental impact.

Here at Helec we have a comprehensive range showcasing all the latest low carbon technologies including Combined Heat & Power engines, Stirling Micro CHP units and Air Source Heat Pumps to name a few. You can explore information about all the types of LZC products we support and supply through the tabs below. If you aren't sure what you're looking for we recommend the gas fired CHP section as a first port of call as this is the most widely used cogenerating system in todays new build and retro fit market place, providing advanced and reliable technology to deliver the best co-generating thermal and electrical energy.

One of our niche talents at Helec is our ability to design, install, then maintain quality communal heating units for both domestic and commercial properties that are seeking new ways to reduce their damaging CO2 emissions and improve their energy efficiency. No aspect of the job is out of our skill set and we can assist with everything from assessing feasibility to designing plant rooms, right through to installation. A communal heating system, sometimes referred to as a district system, is responsible for providing hot water and thermal heat across many rooms within one location.

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