Welcome to Cool Car - car air conditioning specialists since 1988. If your car air con is not working, or your car air conditioning needs a service, or just an air con recharge, then we at Cool Car can visit your home, or place of work, 7 days a week and fix any problems you have. We're sure to have a specialist nearby. Established for 30 years we are able to recharge, regas, service and repair your car's air conditioning. All of our services are provided by our fully qualified, trained engineers specialising in air con recharge (regas), servicing, parts fitting, fault diagnosis, and repair of your car, van, and agricultural vehicles throughout the UK.

Sometimes, when your car air conditioning system is on, and the windows are down, you can smell something odd. A musty smell. That smell is caused by a build up of mould and bacteria on the evaporator and needs treating. We therefore offer our air conditioning odour removal service which does precisely that. The evaporator sits behind your dashboard and is almost impossible to get at without removing the dashboard itself. We have information on how your A/C system works and what the evaporator does, but needless to say if you have a musty smell when using the air con you need to get it fixed.

At Cool Car Air Conditioning, we offer possibly the most comprehensive car air conditioning service there is! We started our business in 1988 and now have 30 years experience in the car air conditioning industry. Our team of qualified, franchised technicians and engineers know all there is to know about the car air conditioning service. We offer a professional and friendly service, at your home or place of work, all over the UK. Initially, we take a look at all the A/C components, looking for any obvious signs of damage or leaks, as there is no point spending time, and money, trying to recharge a car when you can tell it won't work when done.

We are now offering at selected franchises a vehicle and air conditioning system deep clean. This service eliminates bad odours from inside the vehicle, quickly kills bacteria, mould, spores & parasites. The whole process takes between 60 & 90 minutes to leave your car interior smelling fresh & clean and, most importantly, SANITISED. Say Hi to Cool Car in Newcastle upon Tyne. Our newest Cool Car franchise area. Cool Car #Newcastle offer full car air conditioning services including air con recharge, service, parts and repair.

Initially based in Birmingham, England, Cool Car started as a one man mechanic who learnt all about vehicle air conditioning whilst in the British Army working on tanks. On leaving the army he set up Cool Car fixing the air conditioning of, at the time, only high end cars. As the business grew he took on a partner and together they expanded the business to what it is today, with a growing network of franchises across the UK, all highly skilled and qualified in car air conditioning services. We know that to make a car air conditioning service business a success we have to rely on our reputation.

Almost all cars now have air conditioning so it's important you at least have a basic understanding of how it works and the components involved in the aircon system so you can be aware of any issues and potentially address them if needed. Or, of course, contact us at Cool Car and make use of our expertise. Hopefully, this section answers any questions you may have, such as how the system works, as well as some tips on how to get the best out of your car air conditioning system. Your car air conditioning may not be working for a number of reasons: It may not have enough refrigerant; it may have leaked out as it does over time; or you may have a fault, such as the compressor no longer functioning, the pressure switch being broken or there not being enough oil in the compressor, making it noisy.

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Say Hi to Cool Car in Newcastle upon Tyne. Our newest Cool Car franchise area. Cool Car #Newcastle offer full car a… https://t.co/ZaEEiZus9y

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