Based in the heart of the country, Envtec Services Ltd have over 20 years experience in the heating & air conditioning industry, both installing and maintaining systems across the UK. In recent years, the company has expanded to encompass lighting, plumbing and electrical departments to offer our customers even more services. Our customer base includes major retailers, the educational sector, domestic properties and also the social club market, where we have strong ties with industry societies. Our mission is to recommend, install and maintain the most energy efficient solutions for our customers.

Whether you have one light out or your whole warehouse in darkness, problems with your lighting can be difficult to deal with. We currently have a number of reactive maintenance contracts with high street retailers and can arrange for an engineer to attend site and rectify the problems. We can arrange for powered access to be delivered to any site in the country via our national network of suppliers and all our lighting engineers are certified to use equipment through industry bodies IPAF & PASMA.

Being the main point of contact in the properties & maintenance team at the UK's leading property conveyancing provider can be very stressful, especially when everybody calls you to have a moan! Like most companies, we rely heavily on our IT infrastructure, so the server room really is the hub of the business. With this in mind, we need a pro-active company to look after our air conditioning units. When one of our server room air conditioning units failed, an Envtec engineer came to site and assessed the problem on the same day.

We design the perfect climate controlled living and working environment for our clients and then only install market leading brands such as Mitsubishi Electric. Designing your air conditioning system can be a very complex process. Every building is different and we have to work outthe most efficient, cost-effective and attractive set-up for you. All our Air Conditioning Installations are quick and efficient so that there is minimal disruption to the client.

Air Conditioning Planned Maintenance is scheduled work which is carried out to keep equipment in good working order, optimise its efficiency and reduce the possibility of any failures before they occur. It is designed to preserve and enhance equipment reliability and also to validate any manufacturers warranties. Having made a sound investment in your air conditioning equipment, it makes good sense to maintain that purchase to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning cooling systems is crucial, especially if installed in a server room or beer cellar.

We knew we had to get a Gas Safe certification for the gas boiler of the house we rent out, but we decided that we would get the boiler in our own house serviced too. We only moved in last year, and wanted to make sure everything was running well before the winter. We contacted Envtec Services after a recommendation from a friend, and they arranged for their Gas Safe engineer to carry out a service and the certification at both houses on the same day. A couple of my friends asked why we were bothering to have our boiler serviced, but I wanted to make sure our house was safe and the boiler was running efficiently.

Fitting a new boiler can be an expensive purchase, but it could save you money in the long term as energy prices continue to increase. A boiler can account for about 60% of your energy bill, but a new energy efficient boiler could cut your heating bills by up to 40%. In 2005 new legislation decreed that all new gas boilers installed have to be condensing boilers, but which system is right for you? A combination (or combi) boiler (where instant hot water is provided and no water storage tanks are required) may be convenient, but a conventional system with a boiler and storage cylinder may be better suited where the hot water demand is high.

We were lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the Carbon Trust interest free funding which was available at the time, but the benefits we have reaped would have made it worth it even without the funding. By removing our old gas boiler and replacing it with air conditioning units, we are able to heat each room individually, and only when we need it. When we had the boiler, it was all or nothing: heat the whole club, even if we were only using the bar. The concert room also took an age to get to a reasonable temperature, costing us a fortune in gas bills.

From offices to classrooms and shop floors to restaurants, each business has different needs and requirements from their lighting. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can design and implement new lighting schemes suitable for your needs. We will also remove your old lighting for safe and appropriate recycling thorough an approved, ecologiocally friendly system.

It's not just warm weather that calls for cooling. Refrigeration and cooling systems are vital in many businesses, from providing the correct temperature in an important server room to keeping the beer cold in a cellar! Along with being a Mitsubishi Electric Business Solutions Partner and accredited installer (providing an unrivalled warranty package on new installations), we also install equipment from leading manufacturers like Qualitair and Beermaster. All our knowledgeable engineers are fully trained and are F-Gas registered, and through their competence, our customers can be confident the work carried out complies with the latest regulations.

Brilliant, experienced and knowledgeable engineers: have worked with for a few months now and their attention to detail, response times, and communication is impeccable. Reasonable prices for excellent work. Would highly recommend them.

I had commercial Air Con installed in 2014, serviced and maintained annually since, no problems, good service, had breakdown in 2019, responded immediately, allways efficient

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