From traditional systems to renewable technology we've been installing effective, energy-efficient Central Heating systems for families in and around Bristol & Bath for over 30 years. For boilers, we offer a personal, bespoke service and a free no-obligation quote - we guarantee there are no hidden extras. One of our surveyors will visit you to provide a quotation in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas. We've been installing effective, energy-efficient Central Heating systems for families in and around Bristol & Bath for over 30 years.

This is an exciting time to start the new year and become part of Gregor Heating's success story for 2021. We are a South West based Plumbing, Heating, and Renewable company, established over 30 years and employing 100+ staff. Due to our continued growth in providing a wide range of plumbing and heating solutions to our long established national and regional house builders, across the South West region. You must have current Gas qualifications and be fully experienced in all aspects of 1st, 2nd fixing.

We provide a wide range of heating and plumbing solutions to national and regional property developers and house builders operating across Bristol and the South West. Current and past clients include Bloor Homes, Bovis Homes, Coln Residential, Cotswold Homes and Rydon. The work we do includes everything from the installation of gas, electric and oil fueled boilers and central heating systems to the installation of renewable technologies such as solar PV and air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps.

Gregor electricians offer both full and part rewiring services throughout Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas. Our qualified electricians have the experience to know what is required in all situations, and can help you ensure that any work needed is identified. All our electrical installations are guaranteed to be configured and fitted to the highest safety standards and in accordance with applicable industry standards, including BS7671 Wiring Regulations and Part P of the building regulations.

And how are all those responsive callout charges stacking up? Could it be that you'll be better off in the long run if you now invest in a new, reliable boiler from Gregor Heating, backed up a solid ten-year guarantee? With over 80 heating engineers in our employment, we can quickly turn the installation date around. Call us today on 0117 935 2400 or 01225 738 397 for some sound advice and to book a free survey and no-obligation quotation. Are you paying over the odds for your existing boiler cover owing to the age of your boiler?

A central heating system is one that heats your whole home from a single heat source by distributing the heat to all your rooms. The boiler is the main component of a central heating system that produces the heat, which is transferred around the property to keep you warm and cosy. There are various different types of central heating systems. The most common types are known as wet central heating systems, and feature traditional radiators heated by a single heat source such as a gas, oil or electric boiler, heat pump, etc.

Do you know the different types of boilers available for hot water and central heating? Are you confused by all the options for your home or unsure whether or not you need a boiler with a tank? Here is our Gregor Heating Boiler Guide to help you understand the different options to suit your needs! The size, type and make of boiler can all affect how much energy you use and how your home and hot water is heated - which can ultimately impact your energy bills and the smooth running of your home. For each type, there is also a variety of fuel sources available: chiefly gas, oil, and liquefied petroleum gas (lpg for short).

Do you want to be notified when your loved ones are at home, check your kids have arrived back from school, or check on your pet? We specialise in smart home security systems and stand-alone cameras, and particularly recommend the Netatmo Presence outdoor security camera system and the complementary Netatmo Welcome indoor security camera with face recognition. Trust Gregor for all your home security and commercial and domestic security camera installation needs! Gregor can also advise on and install emergency lighting and outdoor security lighting such as external floodlights and door lights that activate when they detect the presence of a large moving object such as a person.

Want a smoke alarm fitted, an electric cooker wired up, or an outside power supply installed? Gregor have the know-how to do these and all manner of small electrical jobs around the home! We even do smoke alarms and emergency and outdoor lighting installations! Working throughout the greater Bristol and Bath region, we also offer good value for money, even on the smallest jobs! Using our registered electricians will save you time and hassle, and we ensure that our work is carried out in accordance with relevant industry standards, including Part P of the building regulations.

Gregor design and install complete fire safety alert systems for homes, including smoke alarms and heat rise detectors. Choose between traditional budget smoke alarms running on ionisation technology, and today's cutting-edge optical systems that cut down on false alarms. Our electrical team can install and maintain these and other devices that help you to protect your family and home. We also offer the sophisticated and versatile NEST Protect system, which combines smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with smart lighting and location-specific warnings, allowing you to identify where smoke has been detected immediately and investigate whether it could be a serious incident or is just another harmless case of burnt toast.

Gregor's qualified electricians regularly carry out EICRs and PAT for customers throughout the Bristol and Bath region. The Electrical Safety Council recommends that the electrical installation in an owner-occupied home is surveyed at least every 10 years. An Electrical Installation Condition Report is a report based on a thorough inspection and test of a property's electrical installation. If you recently moved into your home and are unsure about the safety of your electrics, you can help put your mind to rest with Gregor's Electrical Installation Condition Report.

Here at Gregor Heating, we have been installing underfloor heating on both large and small projects for various clients for many years. There is a range of underfloor heating solutions available, so whether you're doing a renovation or a complete new build, please call us for more information or to book an underfloor heating design appointment on 0117 935 2400 - we want to make sure you get the right solution for your needs! Water-based underfloor heating works on the basis of distributing a lower temperature of warm water through a circuit of pipes beneath the finished floor.

Solar Photovoltaics or solar PV is a system for converting the sun's ('solar') light ('photo') into a form of electrical energy with voltage ('voltaic'). Solar PV modules are made up with a positively doped semiconductor material and a negatively doped semiconductor material, typically silicon (or sand - the most abundant material on earth). When sunlight hits the module, a stream of electrons starts to flow from the positive to the negative material, creating an electrical current. If you are interested in having a solar PV system installed or maintained, don't delay, call Gregor today on0117 935 2400 and ask to speak to our Renewables team.

Ground Source Heat Pumps let you use the natural heat energy in the ground to provide central heating and hot water for your home. They can help you to save on your energy bills and reduce your carbon emissions. Grants and incentives are also offered by the government to encourage their uptake. A typical installation is electrically powered and consists of a collector buried in your garden connected to an inside unit. The collector extracts heat from the ground. This is then absorbed by a refrigeration circuit before being amplified and distributed to your home's central heating and hot water systems.

We are NICEIC-approved contractors and employ only qualified electricians who know electrical safety inside out. We look after the electrical installations of homeowners, landlords and commercial premises. Let us take care of your electrical needs! Whether you're in Bristol, Bath or the surrounding area, we are happy to pay you a visit and advise on how we can help. Let us carry out a professional assessment of your electrics. We'll then give you a free no-obligation quotation for putting them right.

The Government funded scheme will provide a voucher that covers up to two-thirds of the cost of qualifying improvements to your home. Maximum amounts of either 5,000 or 10,000 (for low income households) can be granted to the applicant to put towards insulation and low carbon heating. Services that we provide that are included in this scheme are Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaic and Heating Controls. The Green Homes Grant is a scheme to encourage homeowners and landlords to make energy-saving features and low-carbon heating upgrades to their properties.

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC for short) rates the overall energy efficiency of your home on a scale represented by letters from A (very efficient) to G (very inefficient). Since 2009, it has been a legal requirement throughout the EU (including the UK) to provide a valid EPC at the time of sale or rent of a home. Only an officially certified Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) or a Home Inspector (HI) who is also accredited by an accreditation scheme approved by central government has the authority to issue an EPC.

Call Gregor today on 0117 935 2400 to arrange for one of our expert heating engineers to visit your home. Owners of Worcester Bosch boilers can find some valuable self-help videos on topics such as how to repressurise boilers and how to thaw and prevent frozen condensate pipes on the company's official Youtube channel. If only one radiator is affected and you have the know-how to safely bleed radiators, you may be able to manage this yourself. If you don't feel confident about doing this, you may wish to call on the help of a friend or relative who is experienced at the task.

With membership of our Heat:Plan, you can have total peace of mind from as little as 5.99 per month, safe in the knowledge we are only a quick phone call away should something go wrong. Our Heat:Plan Service Cover is the most competitively priced boiler maintenance package on the market. Having heating and hot water is essential to the smooth running of any home, and we are sure that the last thing you want to think about is something going wrong with your boiler or central heating system. Unfortunately, from time to time these things do happen, as your boiler and heating system are in constant use.

Sludge, scale and other debris impede the flow of water around your Central Heating System, and in some cases can even cause your pipes, radiators, pump and heat exchanger to become blocked. They increase the risk of breakdown and make your boiler work harder, increasing your energy bills. They also increase the risk of boiler breakdown and leaks. A Magnetic Chemical Flush or Powerflush can significantly increase the energy-efficiency of your Central Heating System helping you to save on your energy bills.

Please note we are required to carry out a service on your boiler, prior to signing you up to one of our Heat:Plan covers. We're a friendly local installer that has been helping families in and around Bristol and Bath to heat their homes for over 30 years!

By installing renewable energy solutions into your home, you will save money on the running costs, as well as helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Our renewable experts have been advising on, installing and servicing the latest renewable technologies for homes in and around Bristol and Bath for over 10 years. So don't delay, call Gregor today on 0117 935 2400 and arrange for one of our experts to come out and discuss the latest renewable technologies in person to help you find the best solution for your home!

Having your gas boiler serviced annually by a Gas Safe-registered engineer helps you to keep it running safely, and at optimum efficiency, saving you energy and money. It can identify faults before they occur and become more serious. A full annual service keeps you safer from the risk of gas leaks, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, which commonly result from poorly maintained gas appliances. An annual service is also required by reputable boiler manufacturers to maintain warranties or guarantees.

At Gregor Heating, we offer a number of pro-active maintenance services to help prolong their life and reduce the chance of serious faults affecting them. A Powerflush involves flushing out your pipes and radiators with a mixture of water and chemicals to remove the sludge (a mixture of rust, limescale and other water-borne chemical residues) that can build up inside them over time. Gregor Heating can fit a system filter to your central heating system to strip out the ferrous elements of sludge and allow them to be disposed of.

Our Renewable Technical Services team offers a full repair and maintenance service for Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal Systems. The team can service all leading makes and models including Daikin, Mitsubishi and Vaillant. Recommended service intervals will vary depending on model and manufacturer however it is usually suggested that heat pumps are serviced every year and solar systems every 2 years. By properly maintaining your renewable technology and ensuring often complex controls are appropriately set, we can help stop faults developing and ensure your renewable technology is operating as efficiently as possible helping you save on your energy bills.

Gregor can help you cut your expenditure by taking advantage of the latest energy-efficient light bulbs and technologies. We supply and install low-energy lighting throughout the Bristol and Bath area. The Energy Saving Trust reports that lighting accounts for a whopping 18% of a typical household's electricity bill. The EST also reports that if the average household replaced their remaining old-fashioned bulbs with CFLs, and their halogens with LEDs, it would save about 35 a year on bills. With an estimated one-off installation cost of about 100 for the complete set of new bulbs, that typical household would stand to get its money back in just three years before seeing real savings pouring in.

Had my boiler installed recently by Gregor Heating. Great service from start to finish, kept informed and the workmanship was of the highest quality. Highly recommend.

Gregor fitted a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system (MVHR) in my new-build property. I have contacted the company four or five times to ask for support and supply of a controller unit; I can never reach anyone who knows what I am talking about, so they take my number and say they will call back, which they never do. Terrible service.

Having been badly let down by my usual boiler service company, Gregor Heating stepped in and got an engineer to my home 3 weeks quicker than I'd been promised, the engineer was prompt, efficient, polite and COVID safe. I can't recommend Gregor Heating enough, just excellent service!

Having had Gregor Heating recommended to me by a plumber with whom I work, I asked for them to complete the annual service on my boiler. Trevor from Gregor Heating was clean, tidy, polite and amiable "Boiler duly serviced for another year" Thank You Gregor Heating.

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