Refurbishment & Demolition asbestos surveys are more invasive and aim to identify all asbestos within a property where the premises or part of it, is to be upgraded, refurbished or demolished. Asbestos Management Plans are the first step in every successful asbestos management model. Asurveys can design a management plan for your port folio. With a well-implemented plan you can ensure compliance. Founded in 2011 by our director Andrew Simon and remaining a family business to this day, asurveys ethos from the start was to provide common sense risk management set out in a user friendly and understandable format.

Asbestos surveys most definitely aren't an off the shelf product and careful consideration should be given to the future use of the property. The type of survey you require depends on a number of factors, Read our guides below to ensure you know what you require or call us to discuss. Management or Refurbishment/ Demolition we can tailor our surveys to suit your individual requirement. Our friendly approach will ensure you not left in the dark. An asbestos management survey is usually the most routine way to achieve compliance where buildings fall within the 'at-risk from asbestos' category.

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We would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our Customers and Suppliers, thank you all #christmas #asbestos #asbestossurvey #smallbusiness #smallbusinessow ner #asbestosawarene ss #westyorkshire

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Absolutely love when we get these messages off our customers, its always nice to gain some recognition when you do…

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Whilst working in London last week look what we came across on the building next to us 👀 only an @originaIbanksy pa…

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Always try our best to keep customers happy, this week saw us working in London with a very quick dash to Dover to…

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Did somebody say asbestos in schools? The latest issue is Bunsen burner gauzes. We’ve contacted all our education…

Posted on Oct 31, 2018  •  Twitter And quite rightly so. #asbestos #asbestosawareness #nhs #healthscreening #grenfel

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Off on the early train to the big smoke for a few days of Asbestos Removal Project Management. #projectmanagement…

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Surveys and re-inspections are there to highlight the issues but do not prevent exposures. #asbestosmanagement plan…

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Asbestos is more common in buildings than people think, even i was shocked when i started working here as to all th…

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