Here at Dorton, we firmly place our emphasis on reclamation, re-use and recycling. Any items of salvage will be sent directly to our reclamation site, whilst the recycling of secondary aggregates, timber and other building products will be sent to local markets within close proximity to our work to save on transport movements, energy, carbon and fuel use. Other products such as plasterboard, plastics and paper, are dispatched to local waste transfer or material recycling facilities for repurposing into new products.

As well as producing environmental management and site waste manage plans, we can provide or assist with relevant environmental surveys for all operational requirements of a project. These surveys can detail the following: aspects and impacts; noise and vibration; dust or fibre release; ecology, flora and fauna; water, air and soil quality; contaminated materials sampling; asbestos survey and sampling; UKAS accredited monitoring; waste handling and disposal animal waste. We are soon to be opening a new waste transfer and recycling centre.

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