Fibre Safe was set up in 2004 to provide a complete asbestos solutions package to our clients throughout North West & North Wales area. We have a multidisciplinary workforce including risk managers, surveyors, trainers and removal operatives to help clients achieve full compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations. Our core services include asbestos removal, asbestos encapsulation, asbestos surveys, asbestos testing, asbestos training and waste collection. Fibre Safe undertake work in all aspects of commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.

In recent years we have seen a large increase in the amount of domestic calls we receive from people who have been told that there is potentially asbestos within their property. This became much more apparent with the introduction of Home Improvement Packs across the U.K, although now disbanded the asbestos section of the pack is still in use for most of today's surveys. If your independent building survey highlights the potential presence of asbestos within the house, there are many benefits in opting for a full asbestos survey to be carried out.

A common concern for home owners is their heating system which can frequently contain asbestos components. This can include boilers, warm air systems and storage heaters manufactured up to 1999. These heating systems can contain gaskets, strings, seals, insulation and other internal components. Asbestos was used in heating systems from 1910 onwards, although particularly during the 1950s to 1980. If required, we have provision for you to drop off asbestos containing boilers to one of our yards. Theycan accommodate any sized vehicle and once unloaded we will provide you with a hazardous waste consignment note on the same day via email or hard copy.

Don't worry too much because it is estimated that over 65% of homes in the U.K contain some form of asbestos materials. Many of these are easily identifiable such as asbestos cement sheds, flue pipes, roof tiles and fascias. Our team can carry out removal of asbestos products from the property in a professional, discrete and safe manner. We have experience in removing asbestos from both private & social housing and are working with local authorities in conjunction with other trades. Remember, although not all asbestos has to be removed by a specialist asbestos company; it is best removed by an appropriately trained, equipped and qualified company in order to guarantee safety during the works.

Fibre Safe have carried out asbestos removal in many sectors including commercial projects such as offices, schools, factories, NHS, educational buildings and domestic properties. We ensure that all asbestos removal work is carried out to the highest specification which complies with all relevant health, safety and environmental standards giving you the satisfaction of a professional and safe service for you and your work force. We pride ourselves on our fast response, client satisfaction and quality of works no matter what the environment.

A vast number of schools which were constructed post World War II contain high levels of asbestos which were extensively used for fireproofing and insulation. In fact, of the 14,000 schools which were reconstructed between 1945-1965, 75% of them contain asbestos. Each year, the number of Mesothelioma deaths across teaching professions is increasing, and the Department for Education recognises that pupils are at greatest risk. Provided asbestos remains undisturbed, it remains a safe material, However, given the typical daily activities within a school or college, even slamming a door, banging drawing pins into walls could cause asbestos fibres to be released.

As a Specialist in the field of Asbestos Services, we promote our environmental responsibilities through the care with which we work to remove asbestos hazards in the built environment. Protecting the health and safety of our people and those living and working in close proximity to our works is our highest priority. We are entirely focused on ensuring that our customers receive a safe, compliant and high quality service.

One of our key services offered to our clients is our 'Asbestos in Soils Programme' which aims to identify asbestos materials or loose fibres within the built environment at brownfield sites. The very term asbestos, or asbestos containing materials is still highly emotive and can send waves of panic through a project team. However, the reality is that, in soils, asbestos may represent less of a risk to human health than in building materials, and whilst it would not be acceptable to have asbestos, or asbestos containing materials in topsoil within gardens, asbestos contamination can be managed as part of a development without the wholesale need for excavation and disposal to landfill.

For Asbestos Removal Wrexham, call the undoubted experts at Fibre Safe; the 'one-stop-shop' for asbestos solutions. Based in offices-both North Wales and Merseyside, Fibre Safe has lead the way in providing tailored solutions for both domestic and commercial clients. For many companies, the facts about asbestos are not readily known; which can lead to serious problems, so it's always best to know exactly what you are dealing with when it comes to asbestos. No matter if you are in Wrexham and require asbestos removal or anywhere else in the North Wales, Cheshire and Merseyside areas, Fibre Safe can provide a first-class service that will put your mind at rest that you are in the hands of consummate professionals.

when clearing the garden we came across something that we were not sure was asbestos. We called fibre safe and they came and removed it a couple of days later. From the beginning of my call to the receipt and description of the item they had collected, which was low grade concrete asbestos, they were fantastic and the fact that I could pay cash as well as by card or bank transfer was a surprise in this day and age. Very friendly helpful and reassuring to us, no breaking off for testing and potentially worrying item in the garden while it was diagnosed just asked us to bag it up, they collected at the appointed time and took it away. highly reccommended

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Some of the places we get to work on around the North West and North Wales, simply don't get the tourism they deserve.

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A small asbestos removal job undertaken by our team today on board a Chinese vessel at the Port of Liverpool.

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Another project completed this week which involved removal of fire damaged asbestos cement ceiling from a domestic property.

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A great example of #asbestos being used on the gauze in a school classroom.

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Just when you thought the purse holders at @WirralCouncil couldn’t get any stupider and wasteful... they surprise y…

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One for all the #asbestos surveyors out there. We’re always happy to help! #happyfriday

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