Premier Residential Lettings was founded in November 2014 and has provided a personal yet professional approach to property lettings. They manage over 250 locations in the North West. Access Ability UK Ltd supply a multi-disciplined service including repair and installation of intercom systems on apartment blocks, Access Control Solutions and CCTV systems to managed office spaces. With crime rising in city centres Access Ability UK Ltd is well placed to offer security consultations to address any situation or problem.

Sandbach School has a strong local and national reputation for excellence. This stems from a determination to provide the strongest support and guidance for academic success to be achieved. Complementing the academic life of the school is a vast programme of additional activities providing endless opportunities. Access Ability UK were invited to quote for enhancing the existing stand-alone access controls, into a multi user, P.C based system, by the school's Facility Manager, Claire Bennett. This was undertaken, and now the system is deployed on all external gates, both vehicular and pedestrian and throughout the school, giving complete control and reporting for multiple operators.

Long gone are the days of trying to identify intruders from a wobbly black and white fuzzy image on a small CRT monitor. The quality of CCTV equipment and the images they can display has improved dramatically over the last ten years. Digital technology has invaded all aspects of life, from Smartphones, intelligent vehicles and fully automated houses, we never anticipated the day when we would refer to a kitchen appliance as a "Smart Fridge". The world of CCTV has benefited enormously from this advance in technology, which has happened over a surprisingly short period of time.

Many of our clients take the view that a fully integrated security solution is the preferred option, to protect their site, staff and visitors. Getting security systems to work in harmony and sharing data if appropriate, rather than working in a "stand-alone" mode, makes the whole security system much more effective. For example, a classic case is where an otherwise legitimate member of staff, tries his or her luck at getting into a secure area. The access control software will of course, deny access due to lack of permissions and flag it up as an alarm.

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