White Hall supply timless and traditional, as well as stylish and contemporary flagstones and oak flooring. Crucially, our unique approach is based on the fact that no two stones are the same in any floor, thus ensuring the lifetime value of a well laid flagstone floor. Given the floor's unique pattern and stunning quality, you will never tire of looking at. These elementd make our range of stone flooring stand out in the interior stone flooring industry. White Hall was originally set up by Richard Rogers as a building reclamation yard in 2003, buying and selling original flagstones and wood flooring.

It is our belief at White Hall, that original flagstone floors look beautiful because they are old, and also because a great deal of care was taken in the laying of them. This in turn creates floors that have an elegant balance, using the correct ratio of large and small flagstones. This attention to detail and insite into original floors makes our range of stone flooring unique within the interior stone flooring industry. Take a look at the beautiful flagstone floors on this page, click an image to go to a page with more details of each flagstone.

Based 3 miles outside Hereford in the village of Hampton Bishop, our showroom houses samples of our different stone tiles which can be viewed and compared at your leisure. We stock everything on site, so you can browse through all of the various flagstones in their crates. This is where all of the orders are dispatched from. We also have a three storey shop in Church Street, Hereford, which displays all of our stone flooring, oak flooring, and bathrooms.

Our single width engineered oak is a character grade selection. This means you will have some variation in the colour of the oak, and also a mix of clean unblemished boards and knotty boards. We think this best represents the character you would expect in an oak floor. We do not include the overly rustic boards which contain the large knots (3-4cm in diameter) with splits, as we feel this diminishes the quality of the oak. The mixture of sizes of the oak boards, creates a floor similar to what would have been laid 2-500 years ago.

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