We are a family run high quality building company based on the outskirts of Doncaster who cover a wide range of trades and produce workmanship of the highest standards consistently for all our clients. Our website is packed with a wide range of information that will hopefully help you make the right decisions regarding any project you may have in mind, with a wide range of examples of our work. At Buildjunky we can design, build and install virtually anything that you can think of, so if you are looking to build a brand new home, an extension or carry out extensive refurbishment works including Kitchens, Bathrooms & landscaping we have the knowledge and expertise that will bring your aspirations and dreams fully to completion.

Build Junky Is family owned building company run by Nobby Clarke, ​'his daughter Alice and son albert'. Buildjunky was set up some years ago during the recession when times were tough and a great deal of tradesmen were laid off within the construction industry through no fault of their own. Luckily for Nobby, there has always been a strong demand for good tradesmen, and he decided to take full control of his, and his families future by setting up the business, which has gone from strength to strength.

Generally, if in doubt contact us or another builder in your area to get this confirmed. If the wall is load bearing, then some form of lintel or steel I beam will need to be installed. Also if the building is listed then planning permission will more than likely be needed, with a building control inspection carried out while the job is being done. Once any wall has been removed, there is also the need to repair any damage which can be a little harder than you may think, as the ceiling, floor and walls may all be at slightly different heights and planes, and would be hard to judge until the wall is out.

A few years ago the Government had plans to bring in a series of building regulation codes on a regular yearly basis, that would accumulate into a final Code Six. This would mean every home past by planning from 2016, would be a code six built, zero carbon home. Unfortunately, due to the pressure from the major home builders, code 6 was to a large extent abandoned, based on their assumptions that the code was unobtainable, which is no surprise, when in a recent TV programme outlining customer complaints, there was a house that did not have any insulation in the walls, another that had none in the roof, and several with serious rising damp issues.

The tools back then were much the same as they are now, but with modern machinery all of which is portable, the modern day joiner can handle a wider range of tasks on site instead of the workshop. There is a huge distinct difference between DIY and professional machinery used by joiners today, with the best makes being Festool made in Germany, the quality of the tools has a serious impact on the final quality of the finished job and any mess created while its being done, which is really important to ours and our client's health.

Depending on what is required and the size of the property, we can generally turn a full house refurbishment around in six to eight weeks. We are able to do this by ensuring all the materials and trades are in the right place at the right time which is going to be paramount if we are on any tight deadline. We have done quite a number of full and part house refurbs over the years which by definition means that a part refurb will only address what is required by the owner to maybe get the property in a good enough state to rent out, on the other hand, a full refurb is addressing absolutely everything and basically transforming the property into a new home, and both can be for the intention of moving in or resale.

With over 100 bathrooms and wet rooms designed & installed by us all over Doncaster in recent years, we have an in-depth knowledge, understanding and expertise in providing all our clients with the very best bathroom solutions they can achieve, based on the limitations in size and shape of the room, and the budget they have to work with. We are confident that on contacting us for a free design & survey, you will be so pleased with our fully detailed fixed price quotation that covers absolutely everything, you will want us to start straight away.

Our Carpentry & Joinery service goes hand in hand with the wide range of services we can provide to all our clients, as a one stop solution to any project you may have. This could be changing all the doors in your home, or installing engineered timber flooring that requires additional new skirting's. It could be the creation of a new boot room or fitted bedroom furniture, whatever you require we will be able to design and install the right solution for you. We are confident that on contacting us for a free design & survey, you will be so pleased with our fully detailed fixed price quotation that covers absolutely everything, you will want us to start straight away.

We have years of experience and expertise in landscaping and garden design, which is important if your aspirations are to be fully achieved. It takes great skill to design a garden landscape that fulfils a multitude of users and uses, which can range from alfresco dining areas, to just simple pathways and borders, or even bespoke play areas and large water features. We are confident that on contacting us for a design & survey, you will be so pleased with our fully detailed fixed price quotation that covers absolutely everything, you will want us to start straight away.

If your answer is yes, then it's worth reading this article to get low down that may well save you a chunk of cash, and check out gallery that will give you inspiration and an idea of what we do on a regular basis. What I mean by that is, do you have a bathroom at the moment but you would rather have a large luxury shower room, or you may prefer to soak in the bath but your partner would prefer a shower, either way you must decide which way you want to go so an appropriate design of the layout can be achieved utilising the space to best affect.

Good garden design comes from understanding the clients brief and fulfilling it but in a way that gives the garden a feel of relaxation and flow that can be flexible when it is in use. The other important factors are the correct use of materials that suite the age and style of the property, a cottage front garden would look strange on a cutting edge clear lined house full of glass. We always approach landscaping in the same way, after a consultation where we take measurements and really abstract any ideas and aspirations you have, we then like to ponder and give your project a great deal of thought.

There are a few types of common extensions built within the UK, and can be put into 3 categories, roof conversions, single or double story, although sometimes it can be a combination of all three. No matter how small your home and surrounding outdoor space is, most older homes do have room to extend, the key for all extensions is making sure that the cost of its addition is really going to make a difference to your quality of life and the general flow of the home you have. I have seen a lot of extensions over the years, some good some bad, they all answered the question of additional space, but some were poor layouts, that created cave like areas within the building because not enough thought had been given to natural light.

With hundreds of different door and worktop combinations, including the very latest contemporary handle less doors and draws. We also supply & install the full range of M Stone Quarts, Luxury Encore & extensive Prima & Omega laminate worktops, from British manufacturers Bushboard, to compliment your chosen design we can also supply and install a complete range of kitchen appliances. What makes us different is the fact that we only do one Kitchen at a time until it is fully completed, which is generally around 7/10 days.

Generally, any new kitchen is one of the biggest home improvements you can undertake, but done correctly it will add value to your home, our kitchen gallery will hopefully give you some inspiration if you need it and give you a good idea of what we have done and can do. This article will give you an idea of what is available and other ways to improve your kitchen if your budget is tight. So please take a moment and read through our thoughts on kitchens and take time to decide what type of kitchen you actually would like and can afford.

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