Leading the transformation in Green Heating and Cooling. Clade designs, manufactures and installs natural Heat Pump and Refrigeration equipment and systems.

Clade is an industrial engineering company which manufactures, installs and connects heating and cooling assets to energy systems across the built environment. With over 30 years of experience of working for blue chip customers, Clade is leading the energy transformation in heating and cooling using cutting edge natural refrigerants.
Heat Pump Services

At Clade, our heat pump services are comprehensive. We provide full support through every step of the process, from energy-efficient system design to quality manufacturing, expert installation, and ongoing maintenance. As a UK company leading the transformation in green heating and cooling, we provide heat pumps for multiple sectors, helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint. With different models of CO2 heat pumps available, we can help your company achieve ultra low-carbon, efficient, future-proof heating regardless of its size.. Our commitment to high-quality manufacturing ensures ensures you will have a high performing green heating solution for the long term.

Refrigeration Services

Our refrigeration services encompass every need that distributors and manufacturers may have. We provide full refrigeration solutions that start with optimised system design, ensuring your refrigeration system will adhere to your requirements. Clade also handles manufacture, producing high-quality systems sourced from vetted and reliable suppliers. Our installation team does a full check before leaving your site, confirming that the new refrigeration system operates properly. Our services don’t end after installation, as we provide ongoing maintenance and repair services to help keep your refrigeration system in optimal condition.

Residential Heat Pumps

Natural gas and inefficient electric heating in buildings can be phased out and replaced by a combination of; insulation, individual heat pumps and district heating. Use of excess heat, thermal storage and heat from renewable sources will further reduce both costs and carbon. Analysis shows that almost all of the heating and cooling demand can be covered using low carbon sources. In all the scenarios and predictive models heat pumps have a major role to play as they are the most scalable solution that is available right now. Heat pumps offer; flexibility on input fuel prices, no on site emissions or air pollution, minimal or no infrastructure upgrade and highly integratable with other technologies.

Morrisons Chorley was a large project planned for 14 weeks but completed in 13 weeks. Clade Engineering Systems certainly played its part in a strong team which delivered this project to a high standard.