We offer a full range of cooling, heating and energy solutions for commercial clients. Whether you need new equipment for a new development, or simply routine servicing or maintenance, you can count on AES to provide top levels of service and attention to detail. Homeowners can benefit from a wide range of renewable energy solutions and incentives. Whether you want to reduce your bills or your carbon footprint, we can help you assess the suitability of your home and help you choose the best products for your goals.

AES are an award winning family run business that has been trading for over 25 years. During this time we have gained an extensive amount of knowledge and expertise in the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Renewable Market. We are able to offer both our commercial and domestic customers throughout Hampshire and the South of England a diverse range of products, design and performance information and a service which is given with integrity, reliability, honesty and professionalism. Trevor's unparalleled technical abilities, project management skills and extensive product knowledge will instill you with the confidence that you are working with a company who are able to find effective design solutions to your individual project requirements.

Air conditioners blow cool air into your home by pulling the heat out of that air. The air is cooled by blowing it over a set of cold pipes called an evaporator coil. This works just like the cooling that happens when water evaporates from your skin. The evaporator coil is filled with a special liquid called a refrigerant, which changes from a liquid to a gas as it absorbs heat from the air. The refrigerant is pumped outside the house to another coil where it gives up its heat and changes back into a liquid.

Ventilation is best described as "movement of air which provides a clean and odour free environment for people in any enclosed space". Good ventilation is an important factor in our everyday living. Poor air quality can be attributed to many problems arising in the workplace and in the home. It is believed to contribute to a significant loss in productivity, low morale and higher rates of sickness. Providing good ventilation in commercial buildings is to provide conditions under which people can work comfortably and safely.

Abel Environmental Services Limited are specialists in the field of refrigeration having installed a number of open and closed dairy cases across the UK. We have been established for over 25 years and during that time we have worked closely with a wide range of clientele from retailers, supermarkets, garage forecourts and caterers advising on product suitability, offering the best performing energy efficient refrigeration solutions for their businesses. We are at the forefront of new refrigeration technology, natural refrigerants and state-of-the-art installation techniques.

Innovative and pioneering air conditioning systems offer more than double the efficiency levels of 10-15 year old systems and can also be far more efficient than traditional methods of cooling and heating buildings, resulting in reduced running costs and lower carbon emissions. Abel Environmental Services Limited are specialists in the field of refrigeration having installed hundreds of open and closed dairy cases across the UK. From supermarkets to convenience stores or garage forecourts we can supply and install a range of refrigeration equipment which meets your exact requirements.

Abel Environmental specialises in heat pump applications for developers, national housebuilders and housing associations. We'll ensure your scheme achieves the highest standards of energy efficiency and meets the latest renewable energy requirements. How heat is provided to community schemes has to change dramatically. Fuel security, rising fossil fuel prices, increasingly tough legislation and the need to combat climate change, are all driving the demand for greater efficiency and the inclusion of renewable energy.

The basic principle is as simple as it is brilliant; taking the free energy that exists in the air and ground outside and converting this energy into heating your home. This heat can then be used to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems, or warm air convectors and hot water throughout your home. For every 1kW of electricity fed into an Ecodan heat pump unit (outdoor unit) you could achieve at least 3kW of heating energy. An air source heat pump extracts heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside.

Solar water heating systems (known as solar thermal) use free radiation from the sun to work alongside your conventional water heater. They are designed to meet 100% of your water heating needs during the summer, but will require the backup from a boiler or immersion heater during winter. Solar thermal systems do not require bright sunlight in order to function; they simply require light and can still heat water even on a cloudy day as solar radiation is still present. The key component of a solar thermal system is the ‘collector'.

A balanced, controlled ventilation system that both supplies and extracts air throughout your home. It's extremely efficient - up to 91% of heat is retained and transferred to incoming fresh air. With the ever changing motoring market customers are now making a switch to electrical vehicles which has seen an increase in the necessity for electric vehicle charge points. Choose from 3 distinct options. Our qualified and accredited engineers can provide regular maintenance and servicing which is an essential and cost-effective way to ensure the smooth, reliable and efficient operation of your heating and energy systems.

Abel Environmental specialises in both solar PV and solar thermal solutions for developers, national housebuilders and commercial contractors. We'll ensure your scheme achieves the highest standards of energy efficiency and meets the latest renewable energy requirements. Perhaps the most feasible investment in solar thermal is for commercial applications as they tend to have strong demand that is steady in its requirements and the demand is usually 365 days per year which improves the viability and payback of the systems.

We had AES install our Solar panels in 2014 and the work was completed in good time and with minimum disruption to the household. The installation is brilliant with micro-inverters and the ability to monitor the production at any time on line. The cost of the system was very competitive. Thank you for your service.

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TRV Tuesday anyone? Look at these beauties.

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Want to be more self sufficient?

Posted on Jul 27, 2020  •  Facebook

Another cracking Tesla Powerwall & Solar PV installation by our team to add to the list, full news report to follow.

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@Enphase is it standard practice to take nearly 3 weeks to respond to a warranty / RMA claim? As that is how long w… https://t.co/z9goZPRkaP

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Air Conditioning/Service Engineer job, Hampshire | That Recruit https://t.co/apxgwFRILE

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We have once again passed our MCS inspection for PV, Thermal and Heat Pumps. :-) #renewables #pass #MCS

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We have a full time position available for multi skilled AC Engineer in the Southampton area. If interested email matt@aeslimited.co.uk

Posted on Jul 13, 2016  •  Twitter

Are you a self employed solar PV installer in Hampshire who is struggling to find work. If so please contact us as we are expanding #solar

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We have a Vacancy https://t.co/rWVyRORAPV

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Abel Environmental is looking to expand its employment and sub contract team! We are looking for experienced HVAC and Solar PV Installers.

Posted on Jun 29, 2016  •  Twitter

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