We are thoroughly experienced at supplying and installing many types of air conditioning system. We are equally capable of installing split system air conditioning units to serve one room, as we are installing large 2 and 3 pipe VRF / VRV air conditioning systems to commercial premises. Our works include heat load calculation, system selection and design, and we even offer free quotations. For more information please visit our Air Conditioning information and A/C Gallery pages. We are fully experienced at supplying and installing a vast array of ventilation systems.

We are able to design, supply and install kitchen extract and fresh air ventilation systems for commercial kitchens. It is a requirement under BESA DW172 that kitchen extract ventilation systems are properly designed to provide adequate extraction, and where required fresh make up air. Extract canopies should be installed at a specific height. They should be installed with sufficient overhang over the cooking appliances. This ensures capture of the cooking fumes and grease laden air. When gas cooking appliances are used it is essential that mechanical fresh air make up is provided as a percentage of the extracted air.

Split system air conditioning systems comprise 2 major parts, an indoor evaporator unit and an external condensing unit. These air conditioning systems are designed to provide energy efficient comfort cooling or heating to a single space where the indoor unit is not required to condition over dispersed areas. Twin split air conditioning systems are also available where two indoor air conditioning units can be installed to a single condensing unit. Twin split indoor units operate in tandem with one another with a single controller to provide air conditioning heating or cooling to a single room where the space is either larger or an unusual shape.

Air source heat pumps (air to water heat pumps) are a highly energy efficient means of heating water. These systems use latent heat in the ambient air to generate heat energy that is transferred by heat exchangers to provide space heating and hot water heating. Air source heat pumps are capable of operating as standalone systems capable of satisfying all hot water demands. Air source heat pumps typically operate at around 55-60degC as low temperature hot water systems. Although many air source heat pumps can be configured into cascade arrangements, and/or to interlink with solar panels and gas boilers.

What's new?

So we recently completed a large 112kW heating and cooling 3-Pipe Air Conditioning installation for a customer in East Grinstead, East Sussex

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So what happened today on 26/11/10?

Posted on Nov 26, 2019  •  Facebook

Were getting lots of phone calls from people with water leaking from units. This is often caused by a lack routine maintenance.

Posted on Jul 25, 2019  •  Facebook

Its wonderful bright sunshine and stifling hot outdoors, Lovely and cool in our Air Conditioned office.

Posted on Jul 23, 2019  •  Facebook

Its been a little bit warm and muggy out and about today. If you're feeling all hot and bothered then why not give… https://t.co/I070hoWuXd

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Had to pop to one of our customers yesterday today and got some photo's of the installation we carried out earlier… https://t.co/WDAUvtpZkZ

Posted on Jul 16, 2019  •  Twitter

Is your air conditioning working properly? Do you have a refrigerant gas leak that needs repairing? Here's one we… https://t.co/V2FGqDsxIv

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Its rather roasty toasty worm lately. Why not give us a call or drop us an email for a free air conditioning quotation?

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In case you havent heard, or been listening to the radio. We are proud to be sponsoring the More Radio battle of th… https://t.co/G0GizN4Lei

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