We specialise in installations, repairs and maintenance of fitted air conditioning systems and the sale/hire of portable air conditioning units. We are also the only aircon company offering an unrivalled 10-year warranty on every one of our installations. We work on both large and small air conditioning installations all over the capital. We offer a free site survey to all our customers to make sure you get exactly what you need. All of our engineers are all fully qualified, experienced, and treat your property with the utmost care and attention.

We are London's Air Conditioning Company and are here to serve Londoners quickly and efficiently! Although we trade nationally, our main workforce is located in the London area where we can rapidly attend to emergency breakdowns. We know how important it is to have your system up and running fast and our engineers can quickly diagnose any problem. If it is portable air conditioning you need in the height of the summer to cool your staff or server rooms, we are the United Kingdom's largest stockists of portable air conditioners for hire.

The Air Conditioning Company have been keeping loft conversions cool for over 30 years and are proud to be the only Air Conditioning Installer in the United Kingdom to offer a 10-Year Warranty on all of our installations. Our expert team are always on-hand to help you through every step of the process. Learn more about our loft conversion installations below or contact our friendly expert team now! Loft conversions are commonplace across the UK and in terms of temperature they are the most extreme rooms in the home.

The Air Conditioning Company have been installing air conditioning systems in shops and retail outlets for over 30-years and are proud to be the only Air Conditioning Installer in the United Kingdom to offer a 10-Year Warranty on all of our installations. It is proven that a comfortable environment will keep customers on your premises for longer, in fact, on a hot summers day customers are known to walk straight out a shop if it's too hot. Air Conditioners are also very effective heaters and keep your shop warm in cold winters.

Portable air conditioning units are designed to cool a single room and will instantly start cooling it down. They are exceptionally easy to use and simple to setup. All you need to do is put an exhaust hose out a window (to vent away the hot air) and switch it on for instant cold air. Portable air conditioners are most commonly used in homes, offices, shops and server rooms. They are hugely effective in hot weather and provide a very satisfying cold flow of air. Mobile aircon units all come on wheels and are easy to move around.

The Air Conditioning Company have been installing air conditioning systems for over 30 years, and we are proud to be the only installer in the UK that offers a 10-year warranty on all our installations. When you choose us, you are guaranteed the highest quality service. Whether it be our highly experienced engineers through to our fully dedicated customer support team, we're always available for all of your aircon needs. We only employ the most experienced air conditioning installation engineers in the industry who will always treat your home or business with the utmost care and attention.

The Air Conditioning Company have been maintaining air conditioners all over London for over 30 years. Our aircon service engineers carry out a full and effective maintenance of your unit(s). One of the most common issues we get asked to repair is when a unit is leaking water. The reasons for a unit leaking can be because the unit has not been serviced or the condensate pump has failed. This type of repair is nearly always completed within the first hour on site, making it a relatively simple repair.

If you're looking to cool a room (and fast) The Air Conditioning Company has the solution for you! We offer a wide range of portable air conditioners available to hire or buy with same-day delivery in London and next-day delivery to anywhere else in the UK. We have portable aircon units ideal for homes, offices, shops and just about any other room you can imagine. We only stock the highest quality units on the market, ensuring our customers get the both excellent results and great value for money.

The Air Conditioning Company have been installing air conditioning systems in server rooms for over 30 years and we offer an unbeatable 5-Year Warranty on every one of our server room installations. Computer server rooms have become the heart of almost every organisation. It is of paramount concern to ensure that computer hardware is running at an optimal temperate to ensure that servers do not overheat causing them to slow down, shut down or, in severe cases, a total crash causing in some cases loss of data.

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The sun is shining and two of our engineers are out installing air conditioning systems alongside our partner, The Air Conditioning Company. Like us, they are Which? Trusted Trader approved - we wouldn't recommend anyone else to keep our clients cool in Summer and Warm in Winter!

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London is getting very warm this week Keep cool with our portable air conditioners Don't be a fool and stay cool! Call Us on 020 8003 7927!

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Keep Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer with our SUPERCOOL DEAL! Pay for just 6-weeks and keep it for 52-weeks at no extra cost!

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