When machinery, engines and specialist equipment is running, it's hardly surprising that many garages, machine shops and workshops get hot - and it doesn't have to be summer either. The range of uses in such applications necessitates the assistance of a specialist provider with industry experience, which is why we are the first port of call for workshop cooling requirements. Andrews portable air conditioning units are available for short or long-term hire and quickly control rising temperatures to ensure they stay where you want them.

In the present day, construction companies are under more pressure than ever to adhere to time constraints and ensure they keep ahead of their competition. Delays are both frustrating and costly in equal measure, and the drying of screed has been widely cited as the most common reason for progress grinding to a halt. However, there are means and ways of accelerating this process without negatively impacting on a project further down the line. This can be achieved by hiring an Andrews boiler, where our range of units have been specifically designed and tailored to assist screed drying applications.

If your offices have limited or no permanently installed air conditioning, temporary portable air conditioners provide an ideal solution. The Andrews range of air conditioning is available for short-term hire or for much longer periods, with equipment suitable for small offices, open plan areas and large meeting rooms and conference facilities. Our huge range of rental aircon units means we're able to deliver powerful, cost effective cooling today, no matter where you are. Ensuring your office-based people stay productive at work is crucial to the success of your business.

At Andrews, we strive to provide HVAC companies with the most responsive yet affordable boiler service in the country. We understand the pressures you face in supplying clients with the best equipment available, and the importance of upholding your reputation within the industry. That's why we act quickly to ensure the delivery of safe, comfortable building environments at short notice. Andrews Boiler Hire is the UK's leading supplier of temporary boiler equipment with unrivalled expertise providing temporary units on both a planned basis and during emergencies.

At Andrews, we understand the importance of ensuring construction sites and building works remain operational all year round. Unfavourable weather conditions and equipment failure can often contrive to affect productivity levels, but when this occurs we will provide you with affordable reliable equipment and solutions. With unrivalled expertise providing temporary equipment to clients in your industry, you can rely on us to satisfy all requirements regardless of scale. We have over 40 years' experience supplying temporary boilers to building and construction customers throughout the UK.

At Andrews, we are specialists in the provision of temporary heaters to warehouses and garages nationwide. Our expansive product line enables us to offer a cost-effective heating solution, irrespective of our clients' situation. Whether you need heating for a modest workshop or a large garage, we have the expertise and equipment to satisfy your requirements. We understand the importance of keeping workshops and garages suitably warm, particularly during winter. Large open doors, concrete floors and general draughtiness all contribute towards creating a cold, damp environment.

The presence of an air conditioning system inside an office can have a detrimental effect on maintaining sufficient moisture content within the air. In the modern day, having a practical humidifier arrangement in place is now a fundamental component of everyday office climate control and brings a range of benefits to your members of staff working inside. As experts in the installation of temporary humidifier hire equipment, we understand the implications of people spending several hours a day inside an office with low relative humidity.

Farming and agriculture aren't easy at the best of the times, so the last thing you need is disruption to your growing, production and delivery schedules caused by temperature control problems. During the peak of summer, hot weather can cause problems to livestock, affect storage conditions and even disrupt harvesting processes - which is why it is so important that the issue is addressed in a timely fashion by trusted experts. We specialise in hiring bespoke air conditioning and cooling equipment to encourage or delay plant growth, protect livestock or crops, and improve the efficiency of processing and packing activities.

Managing your working environment is essential for the safety of employees. A suitable ventilation system is essential in confined areas to ensure the extraction of dust and fumes from trades and operated plant. For many years, Andrews Ventilation has offered advice and guidance to construction managers and consultants. We are able to provide imaginative solutions to exceed expectations, even in the most challenging ventilation and extraction projects. The building and construction sector has seen a substantial increase in activity, with an industry-wide movement towards improving standards.

At Andrews, we appreciate the pressures HVAC contractors face in ensuring your clients are supplied with the best chillers and cooling equipment available. Our vast experience in the industry and status as the country's leading hire company means we can guarantee to deliver the optimum service they expect, regardless of circumstance. With an unbeatable range of chillers for rent and all accompanying ancillaries, you can depend on us to accommodate your every need. By understanding the responsibilities and obligations of HVAC contractors, having worked alongside numerous clients within this field, we are able to deliver energy efficient, reliable solutions to any cooling problem you encounter.

At Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, we have decades of experience installing, maintaining and repairing fixed air conditioning systems for clients in every industry. With qualified engineers based across the country, we offer our customers free site surveys and a reliable, professional and nationwide service at a highly competitive price. We operate completely independently and pride ourselves on selecting the most suitable air conditioning system for your application or process. With a choice of units available from the world's leading manufacturers - including Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba, Daiken, Fujitsu and Samsung - our customers can rely on us to propose an economical and modern cooling solution featuring the latest technology on the market.

At Andrews, we have engineers available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist with HVAC installations and humidity load testing across a full range of applications. Regardless of your issue, one of our experienced engineers will always be on hand to visit your site promptly and propose whatever course of action is required to keep your operations running smoothly. Our longstanding history of working alongside HVAC contractors has given us an unrivalled insight into the various requirements of clients in this sector.

When air movement is required in large areas such as warehouses and storage units Andrews Ventilation can provide large industrial fans and ducted ventilation units to keep air moving and your buildings breathing. Stale air within warehouses can affect your stored products integrity but by introducing air changes this can be simply and effectively resolved. We will provide tailormade solutions to meet the demands of our customers, no matter how complicated the requirement. High ceilings in large facilities such as warehouses can put a strain on HVAC systems - presenting companies with a challenge to maintain a truly comfortable environment.

The Polar Breeze is a small, contemporary exhaust tube air conditioner designed for cooling applications where there are space restrictions. The unit delivers 2.6kW of cooling - reducing the temperature for areas of up to 63.7 m3. Specialist hire company, Andrews Sykes, demonstrates how portable air conditioning units are delivered to its customers during a heatwave. With such huge demand, the process needs to be efficient and scalable to ensure comfort cooling solutions are on site and operational quickly.

At Andrews, we are experts in providing temporary boilers to our customers in the manufacturing sector. By understanding the general requirements of industrial applications we are able to deliver appropriate solutions following breakdown or during maintenance. With the UK's largest selection of boilers available for hire, as well as associated ancillaries, you can rely on us to act swiftly and help keep your business functional. As the country's most reputable specialist hire company, we are known for supplying clients with replacement boilers to meet the growing demands of manufacturing businesses.

If your heating system breaks down unexpectedly or begins to lose effectiveness, our instant response will ensure you are once again fully operational within hours. We are experts in the provision of temporary heaters across all sectors and our 24 hour service guarantees our clients assistance at any time of day. At Andrews, we are the UK's leading specialist hire company with nearly 50 years' experience supplying heating equipment to businesses and local authorities nationwide. We aim to help clients overcome urgent issues and assist them with long-term maintenance planning, offering cost-effective solutions no matter what the problem.

At Andrews, we provide instant support to clients who have suffered flood damage, whether in an office, retail or industrial environment. Our rapid response service enables us to attend your site within four hours of receiving your order, enabling a swift and effective solution to be installed on the same day. With the UK's biggest range of dehumidifying equipment, you can rely on us to provide an appropriate drying package for your precise circumstances. With almost 50 years of experience supplying dehumidifiers to all industries, we are well-placed to help you select equipment subject to individual specifications.

As the country's leading boiler hire company, we also provide clients with an unbeatable selection of heat exchangers for hire, ranging from 22kW through to 10 megawatt units. Our products are among the most reliable fluid transfer systems available and are ideal for heating or cooling a wide spectrum of fluids for all environments and process applications. By operating a genuine 24 hour service, we are perfectly positioned to help customers avoid crippling downtime and maintain their operations if a breakdown strikes unexpectedly.

During the summer months, it is essential that your shop is comfortable enough to encourage consumers to browse and make purchases. Failure to take the necessary steps can have a damaging impact on both your revenue stream and reputation, but sourcing a temporary cooling solution will ensure this is easily avoided. We help thousands of retailers counteract the heat each year, proposing short-term ventilation hire arrangements designed for individual applications. Retail is undoubtedly one of the more competitive industries due to the wide selection of outlets available for would-be buyers to choose from.

At Andrews, we are extremely experienced in the supply of temporary boilers and have been providing temporary solutions to clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Our unique range of boilers has been specifically designed to meet the demands of the hire industry across all company sectors. From road towable to trolley mounted boilers, we stock the largest fleet of temporary boilers in the UK. With more than 30 depots nationwide, we are perfectly placed to deliver, install and commission all of our hire equipment at the first time of asking.

Not only is good ventilation essential for creating a comfortable working environment, it can also be a health and safety requirement depending on the industry you operate in. At Andrews Ventilation Hire, our cooling and extraction fans provide customers with reliable and fresh air circulation as and when it is needed. With decades of experience in supplying companies with ventilation hire equipment, Andrews offers an extensive range of solutions for a huge selection of applications. Our friendly, trained and experienced team are available to offer advice on small applications such as offices and retail spaces right through to more technical applications where our larger FV range of ventilation hire equipment may be required.

Whether you want to heat up a room, warehouse or you're looking to provide frost protection for a construction site, Andrews Heat for Hire is waiting to assist you. With fast and reliable round-the-clock delivery, our nationwide depots are fully stocked with thousands of the latest portable heating products along with all the accessories and fuel you might need. If you're unsure which heater is best for you, our experts are just a phone call away and can provide advice in an instant. Free site surveys enable us to deliver the right portable heaters which have been designed with your environment in mind.

Andrews' electric powered boilers are lightweight, durable and fully controllable, with our range consisting of two versions. The first versions are standalone units comprising of 22kW and 36kW models, both of which are self-contained and fully manoeuvrable. The second version is an all-encompassing 22kW unit complete with a built-in in heat exchanger and digital controller. This allows customers' water to pass and be heated without any cross contamination of water. The Andrews range of electric boilers will provide temporary heating and hot water via units that are easily connected to existing pipework and manifolds using flexible hoses.

Comprising of the most technologically advanced air conditioning units available in the country, the Andrews range of sales units has been designed to accommodate customers from any industry that might require an energy efficient source of cooling. We will aim to dispatch the units within 2-3 working days after receipt of your cleared payment. In exceptional circumstances, the delivery period may be extended and in this case, we will call you to advise as soon as we receive your order. Our market-leading products combine sleek modern designs with simple installation and operationality, providing a reliable air conditioning supply within seconds of set-up.

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire offers a wide range of portable air conditioner units for hire or sale. Andrews have the largest range of portable air conditioning units available for hire in the UK. We will deliver to your site quickly from our nationwide depots. Unlike other suppliers, we guarantee a genuine 24/7 fast and friendly service 365 days a year! We'll help you decide which air conditioning unit is best for you to create comfortable and welcoming environments for as little as 4.00 a day.

At Andrews Chiller Hire, we stock the UK's largest range of heat exchangers available for hire. Our units range from 22kW through to 10 megawatt units and are perfect for cooling a multitude of liquids. As the leading specialist provider of fluid transfer systems and process cooling products we are perfectly placed to provide you with the very best heat exchangers for both emergency and planned cooling requirements. Our nationwide service is geared to minimise the downtime that causes disruption to your processes.

Andrews heat for hire, offer a comprehensive range of portable electrical heaters available for hire or sale, our range starts with compact mobile units for offices and shops and extends through to high capacity industrial units. The models are split into four groups; fan assisted heaters, oil filled radiators, quartz heaters and convectors. Available in 230 volt, 110 volt and 415 volt supplies, these portable electric heaters are often the easiest, fastest and most convenient way of turning up the heat.

At Andrews Dehumidification, we have more expertise in providing tailored dehumidifier hire solutions than any other supplier. Our range of portable building dryers are suitable for a wide selection of environments and applications including flood damage and drying of materials. Portable and industrial dehumidifiers can be used for many applications including building and construction, offices, manufacturing, agriculture and domestic home drying. With two different types of solutions available - refrigerant and desiccant - we can provide a solution to suit any drying need.

As experts in providing schools, universities and other institutes with temporary boilers, we understand the importance of maintaining the appropriate conditions of a good working environment. Our all-encompassing range of units for hire ensures we can provide our clients with suitable equipment at short notice - keeping staff and pupils comfortable all year round. Our all-encompassing service and equipment keeps education facilities open and operating during instances of boiler failure. At Andrews Boilers, we have a wealth of experience working with educational establishments nationwide.

As the UK's leading specialist hire company, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with 24-hour nationwide coverage including a dedicated out-of-hours service that operates 365 days a year. Unlike many other companies in our industry, our engineers react to callout immediately - even during the middle of the night - ensuring whatever problem you're encountering can be addressed at the earliest opportunity. From crippling air conditioning failures through to major floods that threaten to cause largescale damage unless tackled immediately, there's very little our engineers haven't seen.

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