The combined knowledge, skills and fresh approach of Aquatica's team of designers from young and cutting edge - to well-versed and technically experienced, have allowed us to approach the bath not as an object but rather as a sensation; the bathroom, not simply a utility but a haven of self-indulgence. Every one of our products aims to transport you into a realm of luxurious pleasure. Aquatica brand registration in Canada and USA. An important collaboration agreement celebrated with Wolseley in Canada and with FERGUSON in the USA, the top-rated wholesale suppliers of commercial and residential plumbing supplies.

True to form, our residential bathroom sinks consist of a wide range of modern designs as well as a beautiful selection of forms and shapes to perfectly combine with your favorite bathtub. Indulge in the choices we have for you, from classic stone lavatories to round shells and square sinks, we have developed a stylish, durable and functional sink to complete any bathroom's style and look. You can take your pick from a range of premium quality materials. We have sinks available in acrylic, ceramic, or of course from one of our patented stone materials, AquateX or EcoMarmor.

Whether you are planning to purchase a simple Aquatica soaking bathtub, Relax air-massage bathtub or HydroRelax hydromassage bathtub, Aquatica offers you to add the Tranquility water heating and recirculation system to most of our models and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a hot and quiet bathtub. Unlike so many other competitors in the market, we are proud to offer our Tranquility inline heating system fully integrated with our freestanding bathtubs. Our Tranquility bathtub appliances use sophisticated proprietary hot-tub like electronics combined with electrical inline heaters, industrial grade sensors and miniature recirculation and ozonation system to maintain, purify and adjust bath water temperature.

Aquatica offers a luxury line of outdoor furniture with strong architectural lines and harmonious aesthetics to complement our growing line of outdoor spas and bathtubs to create a complete, relaxed and enjoyable outdoor environment for spending quality time with family or entertaining friends. We are focusing on outdoor furniture like sunbeds, sofas, chairs, tables with refreshing designs and superb quality made from teak, iroko, and aluminum. Each one of our outdoor furniture pieces is a perfect blend of precision and functionality, making our outdoor furniture one of the most refined and diverse available.

Aquatica has curated a line of bathroom furniture designed to represent the high levels of both form and function across several immensely appealing styles. Entirely made at our European factory (we don't outsource to Asia or any other 3rd party manufacturer) and featuring natural wood veneers in several stunning grains and patterns paired with our solid surface washbasins that run the gamut from pleasingly traditional to delightfully unique, Aquatica vanities and their matching mirrors and cabinets add striking style to a bathroom design.

Aquatica is the sole manufacturer of high-quality solid surface and other composite bathtubs, basins, lavatories and showers sold on our WEB stores around the world. Shop direct at and find the best online prices and receive exceptional service on everything that we sell - bathtubs, basins, spas, showers, outdoor furniture and accessories. We work hard to bring to our customers exceptional quality bathtubs, basins, hot tubs, showers and accessories at fair prices on fantastic products across our entire store.

Aquatica works with one clear objective - for its bathtubs to be best-in-class. To that end, every aspect of our design and production processes is focused on achieving the finest quality, most beautiful bathtubs. We are one of the very few bathtub manufacturers with an in-house R&D department, investing a significant part of our resources into the design, engineering, and innovation. We hold numerous patents and continue to develop unique features such as our massage system, chromotherapy system, and custom parts.

We at Aquatica follow the philosophy that more jets do not equal a better hot tub or a better hydromassage experience. It is the eye-pleasing aesthetics to create the perfect atmosphere, beautiful, durable materials, and the careful placement of the right jets with their optimal mix of air and water flow that delivers the optimal hydromassage experience. Our superbly designed, spacious, and deep HydroRelax series bathtubs and indoor/outdoor hot tubs such as Pamela, Lacus, Allegra, Purescape 107, Dream, Fusion, Zen and Maya series hydromassage bathtubs and hot tubs have been critically acclaimed by our clients and recognized by consumers and athletes alike.

Every bathroom with style and sophistication needs to have a select amount of accessories, and we have made sure that we can provide a beautiful range for our customers to choose from. From a range of ceiling and wall-mounted shower arms in all kinds of lush finishes including chrome, white matte, black matte, and brushed nickel, you can rest assured that your shower will be screaming with style appeal. Of course, we haven't forgotten the bathtub lovers, and have an excellent range of designed headrests that have been made from the best quality memory gel foam for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Commercial bathroom sinks from Aquatica are made of our state-of-the-art AquateX and NeroX solid surface materials which are durable, dependable and resemble the beauty of natural stone material. Our commercial sinks are available with a variety of wall mounting options including ADA compliant bracket designs for your accessible bathroom and toilet room requirements. Our wall-hung commercial bathroom sinks, basins and lavatories intended for medical and permanent care facilities are manufactured using our own proprietary formula with antimicrobial additives.

What's new?

This demo demonstrates how spacious and comfortable this tub is for tall people and couples sharing. Offering maximum back support, it is specially designed to allow you to completely relax and relieve your stress. Inspired by the natural forms of seashells, Aquatica's Trinity freestanding bathtub.

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SALE! Aquatica's Spoon 2 black and white tub has a low step-in height for easy access. This unique bathtub will easily fit two bathers with a height of 6ft or taller. #luxury #unique #blackandwhite #onlineshopping #sale

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NEW IN! What do you think about the black Lullaby 2? This laconic Scandinavian-st yle black bath is made of our super sustainable, and easy to clean in-house developed stone composite material NeroX. #luxury #black #bath #bathroom #interior #stone #sustainable #home #interior #thisisaquatica #aquaticabath

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NEW IN! This beautiful bathtub takes our popular Lullaby series to the next level. Our laconic Scandinavian-st yle bath is both compact and spacious. The Lullaby 2 brings some big improvements, such as a sculpted ergonomic head support, center drain, deeper bathing area and integrated Nordic.

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A5) Smart phones for sure ... but the reliable coffee machine is also up there - anyone else?! #modernmonday

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Now that would be amazing @Modenus!! And maybe alert you if any items are close to expiry date?! #ModernMonday

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Hi #tech lovers! A1) #digital bath faucets are a fave! Set your preferred temp once and personalize for each user. #ModernMonday

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Thank you @KBtribechat and for everyone's inspirational input today, much appreciated #KBtribechat

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A6. We're with you @ARTObrick on love for #chandeliers in the #bathroom. Right above the #tub!…

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A4. #Faucet finishes still chrome & brushed nickel. Increasing interest in #waterfall inspired faucets…

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