Mulcare - Ball Ltd in Haywards Heath has a team of dedicated specialists providing a comprehensive service for bathroom and kitchen installations. We offer a complete service from conception to completion. With expertise in design, construction, plumbing, tiling, plastering, electrical work, and interior decoration, our process is trusted and proven. We use reputable suppliers with sleek products and can make recommendations based on our years of design expertise. We're also happy to work with other suppliers if you have made your own arrangements.

Mulcare - Ball was founded in 2000 to offer services as bathroom installers and kitchen fitters to our customers around Haywards Heath. From the start, the team focused on providing top quality kitchens and bathrooms with a personal touch that is missing from mass produced products. This meant attention to detail, high-quality products and also a comprehensive installation service that covered all of the main elements of the project. Today, we offer the same core services but have continued to expand the range of products we can fit into bathrooms and kitchens.

If you're looking for qualified bathroom installers and kitchen installers in Haywards Heath or elsewhere in West Sussex, you can count on Mulcare - Ball Ltd. Get in touch with us today.

Having a new bathroom installed is a big job and you want it to go as smoothly as possible. The best way to do this is to work with bathroom designers in Haywards Heath who offer a full installation service. At Mulcare - Ball, we offer the entire bathroom installation process from design to decorating to make the project as simple as possible. The start of our process is to work with you to see what you need in your bathroom and what you also want to add. There are always those core elements such as the toilet, sink and bath, maybe a separate shower.

Have you realised that your kitchen is something making things harder rather than helping? Are you sick of finding that your bathroom never looks great, no matter what you do? These are often signs that those high use rooms are ready for a makeover and if you are in Haywards Heath and need new bathrooms or kitchens, then Mulcare - Ball should be your first call. All of the bathrooms and kitchens that we install are tailor-made by us to suit your needs. Every home places different restrictions and every family has different needs, so we always design bathrooms and kitchens for each project.

The kitchen is often the hardest working room in the house. Used every day, sometimes multiple times, it needs to be ready for the challenges that are thrown at it. Over time, the kitchen can show signs of this use and needs replacing. This is when you need expert kitchen designers in Haywards Heath and this means Mulcare - Ball. We pride ourselves on offering top quality kitchens that are tailor-made to suit your needs and budget. Our process begins with looking at the kitchen you have, what works and what you want to change.

What's new?

For over fifteen years, Mulcare Ball Ltd has developed a reputation for quality bathroom and kitchen installations throughout Haywards Heath and the surrounding area. To speak to us about your new bathroom or kitchen today, call us today on 07887528853.

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