Established in 1996, Climate Control Ltd is a family run business based in Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire. Specialising in air conditioning services, we also offer other environmental control solutions, including humidity control, positive pressure systems and heat recovery ventilation. At Climate Control Ltd, we provide thorough and efficient air conditioning repairs for domestic, commercial and industrial units and systems. We usually diagnose faults and fix them on site unless replacements parts are needed, for which we provide a quote and repair your system within a few days.

From large multi-storey commercial buildings to the smallest server room, Climate Control Ltd are here to take you through the process. Our in house design capabilities along with our many year experience ensure our clients get the best possible solution to suite their particular application. Whether you require a simple single-split system, multi-split or VRF to provide simultaneous heating and cooling for your premises, we can help. We use AC calculation programmes for the accurate sizing of equipment ensuring our clients receive the best solution to match the application.

A heat recovery ventilation system can be designed and installed in both domestic and commercial premises. It can be used alone or in conjunction with an air conditioning system to provide ventilation by utilising the energy already present within the building. Stale air is extracted, and its heat energy is passed from a heat exchanger to the fresh air drawn in from the outside. So, if a building has warm air inside it, the system can temper the relatively cool outside air before it enters the building.

Our homes are now being constructed to be more airtight and with less thermal mass to absorb heat. This means that more traditional methods of staying cool just don't seem to have the same effect. Summer temperatures are also regularly higher than they were just a few years ago, so many of our clients are looking for ways of keeping their homes cool. Climate Control Ltd has an excellent reputation for providing a professional air conditioning installation service, and we are justly proud of our decades of experience.

Did you know that a blocked filter in your AC can reduce the airflow and lead to a significant increase in its running cost. Servicing your air conditioning system is important, as it maintains the efficient operation of your system and also minimises the risk of breakdowns. As part of our maintenance service, our air conditioning engineers will visit your site and carry out meticulous inspections of your air conditioning system to identify potential faults and fix them before they become a major issue.

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We have sponsored our local golf course - Grange Park GC Messingham Our advertisement sign (below) will soon be on tee box 12.www.climatecont

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