At Cooltherm we like to think of ourselves as a little different to our contemporaries in the air conditioning and chiller industry. We are passionate about doing our bit for the environment one chiller at a time. Energy savings run through the veins of every member of the Cooltherm team, and is at the heart of everything we do. From providing quality maintenance to an existing item of plant, to designing cutting edge new equipment from scratch with the latest green refrigerants. Back in the very early nineties when Bohemian Rhapsody was number one for a second time, a laptop computer was simply a standard desktop PC mounted on a trolley, and the world was just coming to terms with the fact that CFC's had burnt a large hole in the Ozone Layer, Cooltherm started out as a family business.

Turbomiser low energy chillers are used in air conditioning, commercial and industrial refrigeration, and data centres. Our chiller replacement team works in partnership with Italian manufacturer Geoclima Srl to offer water chiller packages for both new and existing installations. Chillers are built to order to meet the precise requirements of each application, including physical size, capacity, service access and site water/electrical connection points. Our multi award-winning Turbomiser low energy chiller, based on the energy efficient Turbocor compressor and high efficiency evaporators and condensers, offers unprecedented levels of energy savings and low carbon emissions.

Cooltherm's fully trained engineers carry out professional air conditioning installation to the highest standards. Cooltherm's team of experienced engineers have been installing and servicing air conditioning systems since 1992. We have an outstanding track record of successful projects. Whether it is air conditioning for commercial premises or for your home, our experienced installers ensure installation to the highest standards - so you can relax knowing your project is in expert hands.

Cooltherm offers a wide range of heat pumps for commercial, industrial and domestic applications. Cooltherm's wide range of heat pumps span air-source, water-source and CO2 high temperature solutions, and range from a few kilowatts to over a megawatt. Decarbonising the production of heating for buildings and the provision of hot water is a key aim of the UK government in our efforts to tackle and control climate change.

Cooltherm Consultants specialises in the design and management of specialist low carbon, high efficiency air conditioning systems and energy audits. Headed by Alex Strong, Rob Young and Gareth Johns we offer a nationwide service providing solutions which range from sumply logical advice, to comprehensive full system design. With rising energy prices, running costs for air conditioning (& heating) are now a major issue. Clients want to ensure that new and existing systems operate as efficiently as possible, to minimise the cost of ownership over the lifetime of plant.

We offer comprehensive service and maintenance for all types of chillers and air conditioning systems, both DX and water-based. This includes 24/7 call-out on systems serving critical infrastructure, such as data centres, hospitals, financial services and defence establishments. Cooltherm are there to support your business throughout the life cycle of the equipment. As your requirements change over time, we continue to optimise the performance of your equipment as part of our ongoing service and maintenance support, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency at all times.

We offer a complete design and installation service, giving you total peace of mind and the assurance of a professional solution. Our experienced team have the latest design software at their disposal, to create cooling and air conditioning system designs for all kinds of applications. We have access to a market-leading range of high efficiency chillers, air handling units, fan coils and VRF air conditioning systems, offering complete flexibility.

What's new?

This project in Bristol Science Park is near completion. Cooltherm worked closely with a local consultant to redu…

Posted on Feb 24, 2021  •  Twitter

A recent installation of an air source heat pump by the Cooltherm team at a multi-tenanted office in Manchester. The heat pump is required to provide heating and cooling to the building's fresh air supply keeping the building comfortable whether it's -5°c or 35°c. https://

Posted on Feb 18, 2021  •  Facebook

Why choose Cooltherm? With a large team of fully trained in-house engineers and nearly 30 years of experience, the team will work with you to develop the right solution. Chillers are built to order to meet the precise requirements of each application, including physical size, capacity, service.

Posted on Feb 16, 2021  •  Facebook

The team recently revisited a project which was completed by our in house team in the first lockdown last year. It was great to see the equipment thermal wheel working well in -3°C temperatures, recovering waste heat and saving the customer money, whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

Posted on Feb 15, 2021  •  Facebook

We were asked to work closely with a local consultant @bbsciencepark to reduce the #carbonfootprint of the climate…

Posted on Feb 11, 2021  •  Twitter

Well-maintained air conditioning systems, which introduce fresh air into the workplace, can lower the risk of airborne virus' spreading.

Posted on Jan 05, 2021  •  Facebook

With the #newyear comes new years #resolutions.

Posted on Jan 04, 2021  •  Facebook

Happy New Year from Everyone at Cooltherm UK. 2020 was a year which we will all remember for many different things…

Posted on Jan 04, 2021  •  Twitter

We are incredibly proud of our team, so it is always a pleasure to receive feedback from our customers on the diffe…

Posted on Nov 13, 2020  •  Twitter

We are super proud to have achieved ISO45001, the international occupational health and safety management standard.…

Posted on Oct 26, 2020  •  Twitter

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