Specialises Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration and we can assist in the design, build and maintenance of your Plant. As we are fully qualified refrigeration engineers we can fault find while completing your maintenance. K and S Service are the leading trusted name for refrigeration engineering and air conditioning servicing throughout the north west. If you're looking for a proven, professional and reliable provider for your business. Just a word to thank all of our loyal customers who for over the past thirty years in some cases have been our driving force.

With over 100 years serving the Industry, we specialise in the Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Maintenance, Service & Repairs, Design & Installation Sectors. The services we offer come with an assurance of old fashioned family values and beliefs which easily integrate into our business life. Our philosophy is one of Honesty. Integrity & Loyalty. We only use skilled and experienced personnel on your plant! Your refrigeration system protects your environment, products, personnel, & critical equipment but also ramps up the cost of your energy needs in hard cash.

Are you looking for a convenient, energy efficient system that provides comfortable, controllable heating in winter, summer cooling and air purification year round? Are you worried about the continuing price rise of electricity, the uncertainty of long-term gas supply or clean air regulations curbing the use of combustible heating sources? Our extensive feature rich range ensures there is a model to meet your needs, whilst our contemporary styling will compliment any interior. All this with the whisper quietness you have come to expect from Mitsubishi Electric.

Here at K & S Services (UK) Ltd, we provide quality refrigeration solutions which perform to the highest level whilst also being energy efficient. Our huge range of systems allows you the client to tailor make the most suitable & efficient systems & models to meet your needs in all aspects. As refrigeration specialists, we also offer a dedicated installation and maintenance service meaning the whole process from start to finish runs seamlessly without you needing to worry. Better still, our 24/7 emergency refrigeration repair service - 365 days a year ensuring that, should anything go wrong, our experienced team will be out to repair your system as soon as possible.

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This is what life should really be about. Giving, Loving & Caring

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People have asked me the best settings for hot gas defrost on small freezer rooms.

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ASDA Redditch Working for Viessmann &installed by @kandsservicesuk The new bakery coldstore is now operational - Another first

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"New Fgas Information" by @kandsservicesuk on @LinkedIn https://t.co/3tukxJQeBR

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K & S Services (UK) Ltd are now proudly authorised @Gamko supplier. Call 01942 602128 or visit for more information. http://t.co/6Igpeqn7HH

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K & S Services (UK) Ltd is now an authorised @FosterRef dealer of quality equipment to the industry http://t.co/YL6OpE9g3k

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A video of a hydrocarbon refrigerant demonstration which wen https://t.co/DkEJYPubVM via @YouTube What NOT to do with HFc`s

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This Disney Artist Just Created An Incredible Tribute To Cecil The Lion, And It's Heartbreaking. http://t.co/1Ij0FE9EsU via @boredomtherapy

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